The Bold and the Beautiful preview for next week: It’s all about Brooke Logan

Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke and Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Brooke is the focus on The Bold and the Beautiful next week. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful will air another special week of themed episodes. New episodes ran out weeks ago, and now, the CBS soap is airing all encore presentations.

As newer fans watch some of the older episodes, the long-time fans are experiencing nostalgia. From the actors who originated the roles to scenes that were iconic in the decade they aired, The Bold and the Beautiful is handing viewers a look into the past.

Which episodes will be airing next week on The Bold and the Beautiful?

It is all about Brooke Logan (Katherin Kelly Lang) next week. She is one of the only original actors left on the show. The Bold and the Beautiful will showcase her life and legacy through five episodes they’ve chosen.

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First, there will be Brooke and Ridge. Old Ridge (Ronn Moss) is going to be a huge part of the episodes that will air through the week. Friday’s episode will also feature Ridge, but it will be the one where Thorsten Kaye debuted as the recast.

Monday will kick off with Brooke and Eric’s (John McCook) honeymoon. The episode is from 1991, and it is one of the earliest episodes that has been included in the themed week.

Tuesday will follow with the debut of Brooke’s Bedroom, the line of lingerie that was developed for the Forrester fashion house. That episode was from 1998.

Wednesday will feature the 5,000th episode celebration. When it aired, the four original actors reminisced about the times they had together. It was Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie (Susan Flannery), and Eric. Currently, only John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang are a part of the original The Bold and the Beautiful cast.

Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will see Brooke exchange vows with Nick (Jack Wagner). It will be centered around their marriage and the sail off to their honeymoon. Another of Brooke’s relationships highlighted, and one that may have been forgotten.

Finally, Friday’s episode will feature another Bridge reunion. This one is from the day Thorsten Kaye took over the role of Ridge Forrester. He debuted on December 19, 2013.

When will The Bold and the Beautiful return with new episodes?

At this point, there is no clear indication of when The Bold and the Beautiful will return to filming. The show ran out of taped episodes a few weeks ago, which is why they switched to airing encore presentations for the past few weeks.

Even when production resumes, it will be a few weeks before any new episodes air. Until then, viewers will have to enjoy the flashbacks and walk down memory lane.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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