The Bold and the Beautiful: Does Thomas have a brain tumor or DID?

Matthew Atkinson as Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Is there something wrong with Thomas? Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful fans had no way to prepare for the hideous, inexcusable stunt Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) pulled in one of the most haunting Friday cliffhangers ever. The only thing left to wonder is, what horrible monster inside of him is causing his revolting behavior?

There will be no redeeming this character unless it turns out that he is not in his right mind, and that would mean one of several soapy scenarios, including the ever-popular brain tumor excuse or the less seldom used, but still spectacularly dramatic, DID development.

It would have to be amazingly serious to excuse what he’s done to this point. The once sweet-natured, kind-hearted guy has turned into a mumbling, bumbling monster.

Who would use their own son to such devious ends if not for a medical malady?

Thomas has used poor innocent Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) to wheedle Hope (Annika Noelle) into marrying him. First, he drew a picture he claimed Douglas made for Hope, then he made the little guy give her a ring and ask to be his mommy. Who could say no to that adorable face?

But really, he crossed a serious line Friday. Up to this point he has been picking on adults, which is not good in any universe, but scaring the wits out of a little boy in order to get what he wants is downright evil.

In case you missed it, Thomas rigged a scary monster to pop up as Douglas fell asleep. The poor tyke started screaming bloody murder causing Hope to run in and save him.

All the while, Thomas is once again talking to himself, saying how pleased he is with the results of his handiwork.

This guy either has multiple personalities floating around in his brain, or there’s a tumor up there provoking his meanness.

It’s the only way fans will forgive his killing Emma (Nia Sioux), drugging Liam (Scott Clifton), fooling Hope, and now traumatizing Douglas.

Is the truth about to come out that a radical medical issue is behind Thomas’ nasty streak?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

Let Thomas have a tumor on the brain he act like this. Let Brooke and Liam get what come to them.