Tamara Braun reveals how she found out Kim Nero was being written off General Hospital

Tamara Braun as Kim Nero on General Hospital.
Kim Nero left Port Charles. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital blindsided Tamara Braun when they decided to write out Dr. Kim Nero. She was given a six-week notice, but it was a surprise as she had been told that they were working on a storyline for her character.

Braun spoke with Soap Opera Digest about how things went down. The General Hospital actress found out she was being written out while she was on vacation. Braun revealed that she was shocked by the news.

Things were headed in a downward spiral for Dr. Kim Bero after Oscar (Garren Stitt) died. Her relationship with Charlie (William deVry) wasn’t what it used to be, and she found comfort in the arms of Franco (Roger Howarth), who believed he was Drew (formerly Billy Miller).

Fans were shocked by some of the actions Dr. Kim Nero took, including the attempt to drug Drew and become pregnant with another one of his children. Things went downhill fast, and it looked like the character was losing everything all at once.

In the interview, Tamara Braun revealed that Frank Valentini, the General Hospital executive producer, had mentioned he was excited about an upcoming storyline for her. She said, “Well, I was a little surprised, because weeks before, Frank [Valentini, executive producer] had told me that I had really big story coming up that he was excited about. So it was a little shocking, yeah.”

Her departure had been speculated for quite some time among General Hospital fans, especially once she latched on to Franco, who believed he was Drew. Riding off into the sunset would have been ideal, but Dr. Kim Nero left on her own and FrankenDrew will be attempting to restore Franco in the upcoming days.

While Tamara Braun’s character wasn’t killed off, it is unlikely that she will return in the future because her connections have all fizzled away.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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