Shiloh on General Hospital: Is he part of the DVX?

Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Shiloh on General Hospital
Is Shiloh behind the DVX on General Hospital? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital loves a good “who is” storyline, and right now viewers are in the thick of a brand new one. Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) popped up in Port Charles, and suddenly he has links to several of the people who live in the town. It isn’t a coincidence, so what is he doing?

There are so many speculations about who Shiloh is and his connections. He arrived in Port Charles with information that Sam (Kelly Monaco) was there at the very least. Now, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and Drew (Billy Miller) are also tied into Shiloh and his life.

Why is Shiloh in Port Charles?

Every soap opera needs a strong villain and with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) dead, there are some pretty big shoes to fill. There is likely a sinister reason that the General Hospital writers have brought Shiloh in and one of the theories being floated around makes more sense than others.

Viewers know that he is the leader of what is considered a cult by many. He runs it as a safe house where people live and participate in volunteering and exercises to help them be the best versions of themselves. Of course, there is more to it and when Sam sat in on a seminar, she was less than pleased with the way things were handled.

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Speculation is that Shiloh is tied in with the DVX. It is the rival of the WBS (World Security Bureau) and formerly headed by Cesar Faison.

All of the signs point to this being the issue, especially with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) coming back to Port Charles. Is he the one controlling what the DVX does under the guise of the new company he is running out of the town?

Is Shiloh running the DVX?

Something is happening behind the scenes with the DVX. When Jason (Steve Burton) went missing back in 2012, there was something more to it. As time went on, viewers learned that he was alive and being held in a medical facility. When he arrived in Port Charles again in 2017, there were a lot of questions.

Jason was being held so that a memory swap could be tested, something that Dr. Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) was a part of doing. Drew thought he was Jason with a different face but, as it turned out, he was just his identical twin brother.

Shiloh says he knows Drew from Afghanistan, which could be completely false. He could have been the one to capture him when he went AWOL. Drew can’t remember anything about his life at all because he lives with all of Jason’s memories instead. Shiloh had the access, and without any memories, he can pretend they were just friends.

When Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) disappeared from the facility where she was being treated, it was a man who took her. The timing for it being Shiloh would be perfect, the only real issue is the person was wearing something that belonged to a Cassadine. Does this mean he may be part of that diabolical family in some way?

Whatever the reason why Shiloh is in Port Charles, it is likely way more sinister than he lets on.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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