Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks baby gender reveal: Will the couple welcome a boy or girl this fall?

Darin Brooks as Wyatt on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Darin Brooks is going to be a first-time dad this fall. Pic credit: CBS

Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks recently revealed they were expecting their first child. The couple had been trying for over a year to get pregnant and now there is a bundle of joy on the way.

While couples generally wait until the 12-week mark before announcing they are pregnant, Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks took their time. She will be welcoming the baby in September, which puts her roughly around 20 weeks.

What are Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks having?

Recently, the couple held a gender reveal party for their friends and family. Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks did a cannon to show off whether they were expecting a boy or a girl. They were each given one, though his cannon went off first.

It was revealed that the couple will be expecting a little girl in just a few months. The cannon exploded with pink and everyone appeared to be excited about the news. Kelly Kruger will have a daughter and Darin Brooks will find out what it is like to raise a little girl.

Their love story will add a child to the mix

After tying the knot in 2016, Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks decided that they wanted to be parents. Their love story is one that is for the books, and now, they will add a daughter into it. Both appear to be so happy about their little girl coming in September.

No specific due date has been announced but based on calculations, Kelly Kruger is roughly halfway through her pregnancy if she is due in early September. If not, she is close to being half done.

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