JR on All My Children: What has he been up to since the show aired?

Jacob W. Young played JR Chandler
JR Chandler was popular on All My Children. Pic credit: ABC

JR Chandler on All My Children was a character adored by many. Jacob W. Young held the role when the show went off the air in 2013, and since then, viewers have been wondering about what he has been doing.

Today, there was a mini All My Children reunion on Strahan & Sara. Jacob W. Young joined Jill Larson (Opal), Susan Lucci (Erica Kane), Cady McClain (Dixie), and Jackson (Walt Willey) on stage. The cast reminisced about their time on the show and the years that have passed since Pine Valley faded into the darkness.

The Bold and the Beautiful

After All My Children went off the air, Jacob W. Young moved back to the CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. He stepped into the role of Rick Forrester, the same role he held as a younger actor. His first run was 1997-1999, and Young returned in 2011 and stayed through earlier this year.

Jacob W. Young had a huge storyline with his relationship, and subsequent marriage, to Maya Avant (Karla Mosley). It was revealed that Maya was transgender and it was a huge deal in the soap world. A story that had not yet been told about a transgender relationship and Young was in the middle of it.

New projects

During the All My Children reunion, Jacob W. Young revealed that he had shot some new Hallmark movies. He said he also planned to open up an acting school in Salt Lake, something he is passionate about.

He partnered Actors Technique New York with the new school as well as continuing his partnership with the school in New York.

There is a lot happening in Jacob W. Young’s life since All My Children left the airwaves. He was a soap actor before landing in Pine Valley, and that has remained with him.

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