Is Zoe leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

Kiara Barnes as Zoe on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Kiara Barnes will be leaving Zoe behind as she moves to prime time. Pic credit: CBS

Kiara Barnes has been on The Bold and the Beautiful as Zoe Buckingham since 2018. The actress debuted with her British accent but has since dropped it.

Despite being a new character, she was involved in one of the biggest storylines in recent years. Baby Beth was stolen and sold by her dad, leading to a lot of time in front of the camera for her.

The character of Zoe has been redeemed several times over, which is why viewers are confused about why Kiara Barnes is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful and what the future of the character will look like.

Is Kiara Barnes leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

In a short answer, yes. This has been known since April when it was revealed that Kiara Barnes would be joining Fantasy Island. She was cast as one of the main characters. The reboot will air on Fox, and she will get to work with Adain Bradley, the actor who played Xander on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Recently, the trailer was released. It is a big deal for Kiara to be cast into a primetime role like this, and her fans have been hyping her up since news broke this past spring.

Her final appearance as Zoe is slated to be July 6, though that is subject to change if breaking news preempts the programming. This leaves approximately five shows left with her in them.

How will Zoe leave The Bold and the Beautiful?

As the storyline with Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) unfolds, Zoe’s heart will break. She believed that Carter was with Shauna (Denise Richards), but that was not the case.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that Quinn and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) would go head to head after the blonde overhears the truth about what Eric’s (John McCook) wife did. This alludes to her telling Zoe the truth and blowing up the vow renewal that is being planned.

Zoe will likely run from Los Angeles as her life implodes. There was speculation she would be killed off, but the writers seem to want to leave things more open-ended. Paris (Diamond White) is working at Forrester, so there is something still left for her if she wants to return, but otherwise, it looks like it is curtains for Zoe Buckingham.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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