Is Xander leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

Adain Bradley as Xander on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Xander is in a dangerous position. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have hinted another death may rock Los Angeles. Now, it looks like Xander (Adain Bradley) may be the next person leaving The Bold and the Beautiful.

This week, Xander has been hellbent on making sure Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) pays for Emma’s (Nia Sioux) death. He went and searched his car and learned that the Forrester heir stopped at the exact place where Emma went off the road.

Zoe (Kiara Barnes) called to alert Thomas about Xander’s intentions to tell Hope (Annika Noelle). Now, viewers are concerned that he will be eliminated in the quest to make sure he marries Hope.

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At this point, there is no confirmation that Xander is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful. It appears to be a likely scenario though. Remember, Nia Sioux’s exit as Emma wasn’t widely broadcast and was only confirmed after Thomas killed her.

As the secret about the baby swap spreads, it is likely there will be plenty of collateral damage. So many people are involved now.

Thomas is using manipulation techniques to make sure everyone stays quiet for now. Making it down the aisle with Hope is the most important thing, and any obstacle will be dealt with accordingly.

Will Xander be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful? Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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