Is Spencer leaving General Hospital?

Nicholas Chavez as Spencer on General Hospital.
Nicholas Chavez exits General Hospital next week. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans wonder what will happen to Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) on the hit ABC soap.

It’s been months since it was announced that the actor was tapped to play Lyle Menendez in Ryan Murphy’s Monster anthology.

After the Hollywood strikes, the Netflix show is finally filming.

Nicholas began filming last month as he takes on one-half of the Menendez brothers. The story has been told several times, but it’s a must-see, given that Ryan Murphy is doing it.

However, this begs the question about what will happen to Spencer on General Hospital while Nicholas is away filming.

Here’s what we know about Nicholas Chavez’s General Hospital exit.

When will Nicholas Chavez exit General Hospital?

According to TVLine, Nicholas Chavez will last be seen on General Hospital as Spencer Cassadine on January 31.

This leaves plenty of questions about what will happen to Spencer when Nicholas leaves, who will play him in the interim, and more.

There is also concern about where this leaves Trina (Tabyana Ali). The two are spending a semester in Paris, which makes sense if they intended to write both out for a few months. However, Tabyana isn’t taking time off.

It’s likely General Hospital has tapped another actor to step into the role of Spencer so they can further the Sprina storyline. Typically, ABC doesn’t comment on casting news, so as the character airs, the actor playing the role will likely be announced with a voiceover, as they have done with Josslyn and Maxie recently.

Nicholas will be gone for months, and a return date has not been confirmed.

Nicholas Chavez as Lyle Menendez

With a Daytime Emmy win under his belt, Nicholas Chavez is making his way in the world of acting.

Appearing in a Ryan Murphy show is also a big deal, as many well-respected actors and actresses have worked with him, including Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, Niecy Nash, and Evan Peters.

Nicholas will play Lyle Menendez, one of the starring roles in Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menéndez Story. It’s part of Ryan Murphy’s Netflix anthology series, with Dahmer being the first installment.

Filming began last month, and it’s expected to last for another few months. As such, there is no premiere date available.

General Hospital fans and viewers are looking forward to seeing Nicholas bring Lyle to life in a story that is familiar to many.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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