Is Laura leaving General Hospital after Ryan’s attack?

Genie Francis as Laura on General Hospital
Is Laura going to die at the hands of Ryan? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers indicate Laura may be in some trouble. With the crazy Ryan Chamberlain/Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) in the thick of February sweeps, it looks like the new Port Charles mayor may be targeted.

Last year, Genie Francis was put on recurring status with General Hospital. There was plenty of viewer outrage about it, prompting the show to rectify the situation. After that, Laura leaving General Hospital so soon would likely be a bad idea and business move.

Laura finds trouble

On the most recent episode of General Hospital, Laura found her way to Ferncliff. Spoilers have hinted that she may be the one who catches Ryan masquerading as Kevin, though how long that will take remains to be seen.

With her husband locked up just steps away, viewers anticipated the saga being over shortly, but Laura seeing Kevin laying in the bed was the icing on the cake.

Ryan Chamberlain has already proven he doesn’t care who he has to hurt in order to keep Ava (Maura West) in his life. It looked like Griffin (Matt Cohen) may have been the next one to die, but things may have changed. Could getting rid of Kevin and Laura be more pressing?

Is Laura leaving General Hospital?

After all of the drama last year, General Hospital may not be willing to risk more upset viewers. While the details about her contract weren’t made public, it is likely that it was minimally a two-year deal that Genie Francis signed. The writers have a way of foreshadowing events they want to happen without actually making them come true.

Now that Ryan has injected Laura with something, it looks like he may be out to finish the job. With her job as mayor and concern over Lulu, her disappearance will be noticed sooner rather than later.

Will she be able to end this infuriating storyline before February sweeps come to an end?

At this point, it looks like Laura won’t be leaving General Hospital. What happens with finding and saving Kevin remains to be seen. Viewers hope she is the one to bring Ryan to justice, especially after he was able to frame Franco (Roger Howarth) so easily.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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