Is Jason leaving GH? General Hospital fans have questions

Steve Burton as Jason on General Hospital.
Jason is staying in Port Charles. Pic credit: ABC

Jason (Steve Burton) leaving General Hospital seems to be the concern on viewers’ minds after the most recent episode.

After he left the ABC soap in 2012 to pursue other endeavors (and ended up on rival soap, The Young and the Restless), it is understandable that fans are concerned.

Since returning in 2017, Jason has once again been front and center in Port Charles. His relationship with Sam (Kelly Monaco) has also been a part of that.

With recent developments, the status of JaSam isn’t looking good.

Sam tells Jason not to come back

It has been a wild ride over the last couple of weeks for Jason and Sam on General Hospital.

There was speculation Jason could be leaving GH when everything went down with The Floating Rib bombing. He was supposed to be there, with his son, Danny (Porter Fasullo).

Fortunately, they were not, but that doesn’t change anything for Sam.

She has been trying to decide whether the life of danger is worth the risk for her two children. Scout already lost her father, Drew (Billy Miller), and now, she faces possibly losing the other man in her life.

Now, it looks like Sam has decided to let Jason go. His priority is, and always will be, Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Is Jason going to leave General Hospital?

Despite his relationship with Sam, it looks like Jason’s stay in Port Charles is permanent.

In October, rumors circulated that Steve Burton may be leaving General Hospital after a post about Port Chuck (the band) was mistaken for the show.

According to Soap Central, he will be on the show for the “foreseeable” future.

That is good news for fans who took it hard when he left in 2012. Watching as Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) shot him and his body dropped into the water off the pier was a big moment for viewers.

His return in 2017 was also a big deal.

After General Hospital recast the role of Jason with Billy Miller, they threw the curveball that Jason and Drew were twins and Drew had been programmed to believe he was Jason.

It looks like everyone can relax and breathe a sigh of relief where Jason is concerned. He isn’t leaving General Hospital now and may not for a while down the road.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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2 years ago

Is Billy Miller coming back to GH as Drew Cain? I love the actor and was totally bummed when he left. Now that Sam broke it off with Jason due to his dangerous life style it would be a good time for a Sam and Drew pairing