Is Eden McCoy leaving General Hospital? Here’s why Josslyn Jacks was recast

Eden McCoy as Josslyn Jacks
Josslyn Jacks was temporarily recast on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital viewers were surprised when a recast for Josslyn Jacks debuted on Monday’s episode of the ABC soap.

Eden McCoy has held the role of Josslyn (daughter of Carly and Jasper “Jax” Jacks) since 2015.

Seeing Courtney Fulk in the role was different, and now there are questions about how long she will be a stand-in for Eden.

There was no warning a recast was in the works, which has some viewers questioning if Eden is leaving General Hospital.

However, we don’t believe that’s the case.

Here’s what we know about Courtney taking over the role of Joss from Eden.

Why was Josslyn Jacks recast?

While no reason was given for Courtney Fulk being the new Josslyn Jacks, the announcement did reveal it was temporary. It wasn’t like with the Molly recasts where the voiceover would say, “The role is now being played by.”

The timing coincides with when Eden McCoy’s mom passed away. The actress’ mom privately battled cancer for an extended period.

Eden announced Natasha McCoy’s passing on Instagram, writing, in part, “My mother has fought an intense battle with cancer for the past 2 and a half years and has now left us physically. I’m not sure what to say other than she was, is, and will be the best thing I have ever known. She is responsible for every good part of me, and she took me with her when she left.”

General Hospital films anywhere from six to eight weeks in advance, depending on factors including storylines, actor availability, and more.

Eden’s mom passed away at the beginning of November, which would be close to when this was filmed. She was likely given time off to grieve the loss of her mother and get everything in order.

Eden McCoy and General Hospital won big at the 50th Daytime Emmys

It was a bittersweet moment for Eden McCoy when she won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Performer in a Daytime Drama Series at the 50th Daytime Emmy Awards, which aired on Friday, December 15.

While giving her acceptance speech, she shared no indication she was leaving General Hospital. She dedicated the win to her mom, who was a significant support in her life.

Eden McCoy doesn’t appear to be leaving General Hospital anytime soon. It seems the recast was put in place following Natasha McCoy’s death.

There isn’t any information about how long Courtney Fulk will be in the role, but we’d guess it may be for a few more episodes.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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2 months ago


Sarah Dean
Sarah Dean
2 months ago

I’m so sorry for your loss and will miss you on General Hospital.