Is Britt Westbourne leaving GH?

Kelly Thiebaud at the 2016 Daytime Emmys.
Kelly Thiebaud earned a Daytime Emmy for the role of Britt Westbourne. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-nelson

Britt Westbourne leaving General Hospital seems to be on viewers’ minds these days.

She threw herself an over-the-top birthday party on the Haunted Star, which isn’t exactly her style.

Actress Kelly Thiebaud has held the role of Britt Westbourne since the character arrived in Port Charles, so it’s only fitting she would be the actress who possibly takes the character off the canvas.

Rumors have circulated that Kelly would leave the show, and many expected it to occur during November sweeps. That wasn’t the case, but it did help set the stage for what is about to go down.

Huntington’s has taken a lot from Britt, leading to decreased motor functions at inappropriate times. When she finally got a consult, it was revealed the disease had progressed, and she will only continue to decline.

With a plan in mind, Britt knows what she has to do.

Is Kelly Thiebaud leaving General Hospital?

Based on everything General Hospital viewers have learned, it looks like Kelly Thiebaud has already wrapped her run as Britt Westbourne on the ABC soap.

Kelly shared some Instagram photos with her boyfriend, who is based in London. She gushed about her long-distance relationship no longer having to be long-distance.

How will Britt Westbourne be written off of General Hospital?

After Liesl (Kathleen Gati) found Britt was packed ahead of the party, there was some talk of a vacation.

However, General Hospital viewers know that’s not her plan. She received a fake passport and documents to change her name and disappear from Selina (Lydia Look).

The big party for Britt on New Year’s Eve was a ruse for her being able to sneak away undetected. She has only confided in Austin (Roger Howarth) about her actual plans while leaving her family and friends in the dark.

Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) know about Britt’s progression after Liesl broke down at Sonny’s gym. Britt knows they are aware, but aside from them, Liesl, and Austin, no one else is aware Britt has Huntington’s.

Britt’s absence will be missed, especially her snark and her friendship with Brad (Parry Shen). Some of their best scenes were eating ice cream in front of a television while watching the Nurses Ball and sulking.

Between the loss of Kelly on the show and the recent death of Sonya Eddy, who played Epiphany Johnson, the hospital staff is much lighter these days.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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1 year ago

Oh Bummer, I liked her on the show. Good ending for 12/30/2022

Yolie Mercado
Yolie Mercado
1 year ago

I love her and wish that she stay alive with a chances of returning in the future for her part. Hopefully she won’t be killed off. I love her interaction with Brad and her mom with Carly and Spencer. Where ever she goes wishing her luck

Karen Stephenson
Karen Stephenson
1 year ago

I’m going to miss Kelly as Britt. I have really grown to like her this time around. The show needs Britt since the writers are doing stupid things these days.