General Hospital viewers weigh in on Steve Burton’s return

Steve Burton at the Daytime Emmys
Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Stone Cold and his leather jacket are coming back to Port Charles.

The huge (but speculated) news was revealed in the final moment of the primetime General Hospital special celebrating 60 years of the ABC soap.

Steve Burton has exited General Hospital and returned a few times. Still, the most recent occurrence was after it was mandated that all employees were vaccinated against COVID-19, and he didn’t comply.

He ended up on the Peacock soap Days of our Lives as Harris Michaels, a character he played decades ago.

With the soap actor confirming he wrapped his role as Harris on Days just one day prior, there was already chatter about which soap would be his home next.

Now that the news about Steve’s return to General Hospital is out, there are varying opinions.

General Hospital fans react to Steve Burton returning

Once the final moments of the General Hospital special aired, viewers flocked to social media to voice their opinions about the news.

The opinions vary, with some fans not interested in GH becoming the “Carly, Sonny, and Jason show” and others hopeful that Steve’s return as Jason will somehow provide what’s been missing.

One viewer worried it would be the same Jason stories rehashed.

Another viewer noted that the return wasn’t worth it with Britt (Kelly Theibaud) gone.

Many happy people have waited for Steve’s return as Stone Cold Jason Morgan.

One viewer called it the “best reveal ever,” while another called it “well played.”

Comments about Steve Burton's GH return
Viewers weigh in. Pic credit: @GeneralHospital/X

Where has Jason been?

How Jason will return to Port Charles hasn’t been discussed, and based on the timing of his return, it seems like it will be wrapped into February Sweeps.

Steve wrapped Days of our Lives after fulfilling his contract and will remain in Salem through spring. However, General Hospital tapes roughly six weeks in advance, bringing everything to February.

Jason was presumed dead after a tunnel collapsed as he was attempting to get revenge on Peter August (Wes Ramsey). He saved Liesel (Kathleen Gati), Britt, and Drew (Cameron Mathison).

He went missing during November sweeps in 2021, so it is fitting he would return during another sweeps period. It will be interesting to see how they will bring him back and explain where he’s been for two-and-a-half years, especially with Britt gone.

Are you excited that Steve Burton is bringing Jason Morgan back to General Hospital?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Los espectadores del Hospital General opinan sobre el regreso de Steve Burton - Iglesia en Directo
6 months ago

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Loretta Estrada
Loretta Estrada
6 months ago

Yes! He is one of the major players of GH, now Sonny can get back to being Sonny, not the wimp that he has been with his lovely new wife.
Welcome back Jason, go in there and kick some a- – -. Poor Carly will be stuck in the middle again with her never ending love for Jason and Drew.

Ada Rook
Ada Rook
6 months ago

It’s the best news ever. I didn’t think I would remain a fan when Jason left. Him & Sonny make the show!

Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach
6 months ago

Not a fan of Jason, since he pushed Billy Miller out. Haven’t watched since. Wonder if Billy would still be with us if he was still on GH. That really broke his heart.

Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach
6 months ago

Not a surprise you won’t post my comment. No freedom of speech on Gh

4 months ago

So glad Jason will be back a new love would be interesting or perhaps Britts cousin who looks like her, one can only hope Nina will get what she deserves