General Hospital spoilers: Will Monica get through to Frew?

Roger Howarth as Franco/Drew on General Hospital.
Monica wants to talk to Frew but he may resist. Pic credit: ABC

It’s hard to predict how long the Franco/Drew saga will be carried out on General Hospital. It’s complicated, and very frustrating for fans all the way around.

What we do know is that Billy Miller has exited GH as the original Drew. Franco (Roger Howarth) has inherited his memories courtesy of a flash drive and an odd, pronged-instrument applied to his head.

We also know that Frew wants to be Drew, not Franco and that everyone else, except for maybe Kim (Tamara Braun), wants him to be Franco.

Fans are on the fence about how this will or should play out. Killy and DreAm fans are miffed that Drew is gone, without much fanfare even. Friz fans are beside themselves that these two didn’t get much of a happily ever after.

So amid all this turbulence, how can this play out and make more, not fewer, fans happy?

It could all fall to Monica (Leslie Charleson). She is dying to get her hands on Frew to learn more about the twin that she and Alan never got to see grow up.

Franco’s loved ones have all had their shot at trying to pull out the artist, to no avail. Cam (William Lipton) pled with him to stay for a family dinner and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) has shown the patience of a saint. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) slapped him hard across that beautiful face of his in a bid to knock some sense into him. Despite all of this, Drew’s memory does not want to give up living in Franco’s body.

That could all change, if and when, Monica has a crack at him. She was eventually able to get through to Jason (Steve Burton) after his memory loss.

Will she be able to do the same with Frew?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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