General Hospital spoilers: When will Roger Howarth return?

Roger Howarth as Franco on General Hospital.
Roger Howarth returns to General Hospital next month. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans are gearing up for May sweeps, and with that will come a fan-favorite return. 

The way Franco (Roger Howarth) died was unsatisfying for most. His relationship with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and her boys was growing on viewers, and then at the hands of Peter (Wes Ramsey), he was dead. 

Roger Howarth didn’t leave General Hospital, though. Some viewers wondered if he was exiting the ABC soap for good, but he confirmed that wasn’t the case.

While waiting on his return, Howarth has been busy on Cameo. He is making videos for fans and donating all of the proceeds to charity. He hinted that his return would be coming up and that he was scheduled to return to filming in early April. 

When will Roger Howarth return to General Hospital?

According to the new print issue of Soap Opera Digest, Roger Howarth will be airing again in May. He is not returning as Todd Manning, which was one theory that was passed around. 

They are keeping who he is under wraps, but the magazine teased his entrance will be memorable. So now, there are plenty of theories floating around with no foundation behind them. 

Will he be Franco back from the dead? How is that even possible? Could he be a lookalike? A twin, maybe? After all, General Hospital and the other ABC soaps loved to use the twin card. 

Since his storyline is connected to sweeps, there could be more to his arrival in Port Charles. Will it be a part of the ongoing Peter saga? He did end Franco’s life. 

With so many possibilities, it is hard to tell where the writers will go with this. Roger Howarth is an ABC soap staple, so indeed, they have great plans for him. 

What is happening during May sweeps? 

Aside from Roger Howarth returning to General Hospital, there are still other storylines that are playing out. 

Jason (Steve Burton) is currently awaiting trial for Franco’s murder, even though Peter killed him. Faison’s (Anders Hove) son thinks he is untouchable, but now that he’s poisoned Chase (Josh Swickard) in place of Finn (Michael Easton), more problems are arising.

The Sean Donely tribute episode should also be a part of sweeps. That is what the poisoning story leads to; at least, that is the consensus among viewers. 

There is a lot to look forward to with May sweeps, including the return of Roger Howarth. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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3 years ago

Strange re-apearance of Franco at GH and no one seemed to recognize him.