General Hospital spoilers: Tamara Braun out as Kim Nero

Tamara Braun as Kim Nero on General Hospital.
Tamara Braun is reportedly exiting General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital viewers will be watching as another character exits the canvas in just a few weeks. While it isn’t shocking, news of Tamara Braun’s departure as Dr. Kim Nero is going to be interesting.

Without Oscar (Garren Stitt) and Drew (Billy Miller) around, there isn’t much left for Kim. Sure, she is currently fighting for Frankendrew (Roger Howarth) to be able to remain Drew in the mind but Franco in the body — that has to wrap up as well.

According to Daytime Confidential, a General Hospital source confirmed to them that Tamara Braun would be exiting the show. She has reportedly finished taping at the show but will continue to air for a few more weeks.

Tamara Braun has not yet confirmed the report she is out at General Hospital, but it is very likely that it is the case. If she is done with filming, her final air date is likely some time in November. This would coincide with November sweeps.

The show doesn’t plan to recast the role, which leads us to two conclusions. General Hospital is either killing Kim off, or they will be leaving the door open for a possible future return. Either way, this gives the hint that Frankendrew will likely return to Franco at some point. Unless, of course, Roger Howarth intends on leaving. Then, they could exit Port Charles together.

There are so many ways this could play out. Kim has been a hot mess since losing Oscar, something that has dominated her storyline. Since the real Drew was just declared dead, there are going to be many more emotions.

Daytime viewers will miss Tamara Braun, but the character of Kim has come to an end. General Hospital has a plan in mind, and over the next few weeks, her exit will be revealed. Until then, the battle for who Frankendrew belongs to continues on.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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