General Hospital spoilers: Hayden’s daughter lands in Port Charles and Frankendrew’s future is decided

Roger Howarth and Tamara Braun and Frankendrew and Kim on General Hospital.
Franco’s fate will be decided on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is going to be intense this week at the show gears up for November sweeps. Everyone in town is jumpy and the revelations in the coming days could turn several lives upside down.

Ava (Maura West) is back to spiraling out of control. She can’t shake Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) and his latest murder. While at the Metro Court with Laura (Genie Francis) last week, she mentioned feeling watched. That is going to carry over into this week.

Who is watching Ava? Rumor is that it could be a back-from-the-dead Nikolas Cassadine (formerly played by Tyler Christopher and Nick Stabile). This makes sense, especially since Laura was given a message about her son needing help and being in danger. Lucky (formerly played by Greg Vaughan and Jonathan Jackson) was fine, so the psychic had to be addressing Nikolas, right?

Hayden (Rebecca Budig) has kept her daughter hidden since returning to Port Charles. General Hospital viewers suspected that she did not lose the baby and ran off to have her alone. When she sent Finn (Michael Easton) the letter to meet, she expected him to show up. He didn’t, which caused her to keep her secret.

This week on General Hospital, it looks like Hayden and Finn’s daughter is ill. She is seen laying on a hospital bed. Hayden comes clean and reveals the little girl is her daughter, but she is also his daughter too. How will this affect his relationship with Anna (Finola Hughes) moving forward? She is due back on screen at any point now.

Frankendrew’s (Roger Howarth) hearing will be taking place this week as well. Given the news that Tamara Braun is leaving the show and has finished taping, speculation is that Drew’s (formerly played by Billy Miller) memories disappear and Franco’s memories return. What will the judge’s ruling be and how will it affect the dynamic moving forward?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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