General Hospital spoilers: Dr. Terry Randolph could be Oscar’s last hope

Cassandra James as Terry Randolph
Terry Randolph may be Oscar’s only hope. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans had an uber-emotional day Monday as the Oscar (Garren Stitt) drama came to a head when the teen discovered that he has cancer. Dr. Terry Randolph (Cassandra James), a pediatric oncologist, was consulting with his parents when he burst into the office and demanded to know what’s going on.

But Tuesday looks to be an even more bombshell-filled day as Oscar demands to know how long his parents have known that he’s dying! Realizing that he’s been kept in the dark about his life or death situation will send Oscar into an emotional minefield, and the rest of the week promises to be filled with the kind of roller coaster soapy drama that fans love as the family must confront this tragedy that threatens to tear them apart.

That unstable mess of a teen Cam (William Lipton) was the first to blurt out to Oscar that he has cancer! Of course, the frenemies have been going at it over Joss (Eden McCoy), so Oscar thought this was another crazy stunt to get into his head.

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But as he quickly relived past pivotal moments in his head, the teen got a tortured look on his face as he realized all was not right in his world and raced to General Hospital to confront his mom Kim (Tamara Braun).

Kim and Drew (Billy Miller) were receiving the latest news about Oscar’s condition from pediatric oncologist Dr. Terry Randolph and it was definitely not good. Dr. Randolph told the distraught parents that Oscar’s tumor is inoperable, stating straight up that surgery would kill him!

But she held out a glimmer of hope and told them that Oscar was eligible for a clinical trial, a long-shot option for a cure. Just then, Oscar burst in and demanded to know if he has cancer. Kim confirmed the horrible news and he realized that’s why he’s been fainting and was recently hospitalized.

It really was heartbreaking when he asked his parents how they can fix him. Kim bravely told him that the tumor is getting worse, and Oscar asked, “Am I going to die?”

Meanwhile, Cam returned home and overheard Franco (Roger Howarth) talking to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) on the phone, who told him that she’s with Terry Randolph and will be home soon. Cam wants to know what kind of doctor Terry is, and he is stunned to hear that she’s a pediatric oncologist.

How will Cam handle the news that Oscar is dying, plus the fact that he’s the one who thoughtlessly spilled the beans? No doubt there is plenty of turmoil ahead for the teen and his family as he struggles to grasp this new reality. Fans can look for the unstable boy to make matters worse as the weeks ahead progress!

But the real fireworks are still to come as Oscar asks his parents on Tuesday how long they’ve known about his cancer. He will reel after hearing that Kim knew for years. Oscar has an immediate and distressed reaction to this news that you do not want to miss!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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