General Hospital spoilers: Does Monica have a cure for Oscar?

Billy Miller and Garren Stitt as Drew and Oscar on General Hospital
Will Oscar be saved before it’s too late? Pic credit: ABC

On General Hospital, the outlook for Oscar (Garren Stitt) is looking mighty bleak. The teen discovered in the worst way possible that he has a brain tumor, and to top it off, the cancerous growth is inoperable.

But is there a savior on the horizon? Explosive General Hospital spoilers reveal that Monica (Leslie Charleson) plans to save Oscar’s life. She’s a world-class surgeon, but more importantly his grandmother. Will she succeed where the specialists have failed?

Poor Oscar is still reeling from the news that not only does he have cancer, but that his mom, who is also a doctor, kept the awful truth from him for the last two years. Of course, Kim (Tamara Braun) was just trying to protect her young son, but now that the news is out her agenda has backfired because he wants nothing to do with her.

Oscar is trying to set what’s left of his life in order, as best he can. He broke his girlfriend, Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) heart by breaking up with her, although he failed to tell her the reason why. Hmm, sounds like he’s taken a page out of Kim’s handbook!

Right now, the Quartermaine family may be his only hope. A shocked and still-stunned Oscar spilled the tragic news to Jason (Steve Burton) last week, which was a wise thing to do. If ever there was a friend one could count on, it’s Stone Cold.

But in this case, Jason’s superpowers are of no use. However, Monica Quartermaine is an entirely different story!

Spoilers reveal that a fierce and determined Monica tells Drew (Billy Miller) in no uncertain terms that she had cancer and survived, and that she will not let Oscar die!

If anyone can turn the tides of fate, our bet is on Monica. Come hell or high water, she has never let her family down, and if speculation is correct this time, she will come through again. Stranger things have happened folks!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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