General Hospital speculation: Mike accidentally kills Kristina?

Mike talking to Sonny on General Hospital
Mike makes a terrible mistake while trying to help Sonny. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has been setting up a crisis situation for months now. According to this week’s spoilers, it may be a doozy.

We all know that poor, lovable Mike (Max Gail) has been falling down a slippery slope recently, with his Alzheimer’s condition a dangerous and unpredictable influence on his life.

But what happens this week could shock even the most die-hard and hardened soap fans who have seen it all. Will his rash actions result in the death of his beloved granddaughter Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth)?

Adding fuel to the speculative fire (so to speak!) that Kristina is a goner is the fact that her return to Port Charles came out of the blue, with no foreseeable, real, meaty storyline. Her romance with her teacher is dead and she’s just drifting.

The writing is on the wall fans! An explosive (literally!) promo for next week shows that Mike enters the basement at Charlie’s intending to solve a very large problem he created years ago for Sonny (Maurice Benard).

He buried a body, and now the bones are about to come out of the closet, wreaking havoc in Sonny’s life. Mike has a plan though — make the place explode so no evidence is found. Aye caramba!

There’s only one problem — beautiful Kristina is upstairs, wrangling a bartending job from Julian (William deVry). He needs a talented, young, cute bartender but it doesn’t hurt that crafty Julian loves the fact that hiring his spawn will chap Sonny’s behind, even if he was hesitant at first.

Meanwhile, Mike is downstairs, with a humongous wrench and whacking the heck out of the gas pipes. While gas is spewing, innocent Kristina gets to work!

This does not look good, and the rumors are flying like crazy. Will there be more sorrow to come on GH, with one beloved character, Oscar, already at death’s door? Tune in this week to find out if Kristina, Mike, or someone else falls victim to the deadly explosion at Charlie’s!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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