General Hospital speculation: How are Willow and Harmony connected?

Inga Cadranel as Harmony on General Hospital
Could Harmony be Willow’s mom? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has been shoving Dawn of Day into the storylines for months now. It was initially connected to Sam (Kelly Monaco) because of her relationship with Shiloh’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) father. After that, it seemed that half of Port Charles had ties to this cult.

Now, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) is about to be brought into the “trust circle” and things are getting intense. Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) was also part of Dawn of Day and Shiloh was named as her son’s father. Couple all of that with her connection to Harmony (Inga Cadranel) and it makes for some very suspicious circumstances.

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How are Willow and Harmony connected?

There are several theories about how General Hospital will connect these two women. One guess that is gaining steam on social media is that they may be mother and daughter. Willow’s real name is Callie and she was adopted. Is Harmony her adoptive mother?

It could make sense, especially because there is high speculation that Willow is actually Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) daughter. Will these connections be the missing piece to the puzzle?

Another theory is that Harmony is jealous of Willow. She may have been Shiloh’s beloved before Willow showed up, but it is very clear that he wants her back. When he mentioned she was in Port Charles in front of Harmony, things got weird.

Is there some secret competition to be the one Shiloh desires among the women in Dawn of Day?

Where is the Dawn of Day storyline headed?

With so many ties to Port Charles now, General Hospital writers likely have their hands full wrapping up all of the connections. Brad (Parry Shen) is going to be taking a class there, or at least that was hinted at within the last few weeks.

At some point, the truth about the baby being raised by Brad and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) will have to come out. Wiley is Michael’s (Chad Duell) son Jonah, not the baby that Willow gave birth to and put up for adoption.

Shiloh mentioned he knew Drew (Billy Miller) as well, though that connection fizzled quickly. Things are more focused on removing Kristina from the cult and finding the answers about why Dawn of Day relocated to Port Charles in the first place.

As General Hospital approaches May sweeps in a few weeks, expect things to get more complicated with Dawn of Day.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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