General Hospital speculation: Are fans ready to forgive Peter?

Wes Ramsey as Peter on General Hospital.
Wes Ramsey as Peter on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

Did General Hospital’s Friday cliffhanger mark the beginning of Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) long road to redemption? GH fans are divided on the prospect of the cad ever becoming a good guy, and they are burning up social media with heated comments on the matter!

Trapped in a stuck elevator, Peter and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) had to make the best of it. Of all the people in Port Charles that he’s wronged, she has the biggest chip of all to forgive him for.

His dastardly actions regarding his true paternity cost many people many things. Being the spawn of Faison (Anders Hove) is nothing to brag about, but Peter’s decision to cover it up and send many on a wild goose chase was behind Nathan (Ryan Paevey) losing his life.

Maxie lost her husband and the father of her unborn baby because of Peter’s duplicity, but there she was on Friday, trying to calm him down from a pitched panic attack. Could she have been any sweeter to the man who ruined a significant chunk of her life?

Hunky Peter stripped down to reveal a rippling six-pack while he heaved and hoed, but a determined Maxie tried to calm the villain. In the end, he admitted that he doesn’t want to forget all the evil things he’s done because if he did he wouldn’t be able to make amends for them.

What do you think fans, was this an “Aw!” or “Nah!” moment?

Are you ready to forgive Peter? Of course, some would say that being tied up to a bed and tortured by madwoman Liesl (Kathleen Gati) was punishment enough!

Last week, Peter also met half-sister Robin (Kimberly McCullough), another step forward in the healing process for all involved.

But Peter is now repeating his previous misguided mistake by again sending ace reporter Lulu (Emme Rylan) straight into danger by having her cover the Ryan Chamberlain killing spree story.

He could be responsible for another grisly murder. Is it too early to forgive him just yet?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. 

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