General Hospital shocker: Matt Cohen out as Griffin Munro

Matt Cohen as Griffin Munro on General Hospital
Griffin Munro is leaving Port Charles and General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

Matt Cohen is leaving General Hospital behind him. Griffin Munro has had a rough go in Port Charles lately, and with the love of his life brutally murdered a few months ago, there isn’t much keeping him around.

Speculation has been swirling for a while regarding where the writers would go with Griffin. General Hospital is known to focus on the core group of actors, leaving much less opportunity for someone without major connections left to continue in front burner storylines.

When will Matt Cohen leave General Hospital?

Tomorrow will be Matt Cohen’s final airdate on General Hospital. The news comes as a bit of a shock given that there wasn’t much notice. It had obviously been planned out at the very least weeks ago, though it is likely that the executives knew months ago.

Griffin appears on today’s General Hospital and after tomorrow he will just be a memory.

According to TV Insider, Matt Cohen revealed that the situation for Griffin is being very much left open for a return down the line. This means that he is likely walking away from Port Charles and not being killed off.

What is Matt Cohen doing next?

It looks like Matt Cohen’s plans lay in the directing field. He has been promoting his film, MAMA BEAR recently, so this makes sense. Doing something like that takes time and filming a soap is a demanding job.

While this is goodbye from Matt Cohen, for now, but he isn’t ruling out a return to General Hospital in the future.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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