General Hospital rumors: Is Cameron Mathison the new Drew Cain?

Cameron Mathison at a Hallmark event.
Rumor is Cameron Mathison is the new Drew on General Hospital. Pic credit: ©Imagecollect.com/Admedia

General Hospital has everyone talking about who Cameron Mathison will be playing. News of him joining the show was outed weeks ago, and with that came no information on the character he would be playing.

There is buzz all over social media that Cameron could be the new Drew Cain (formerly Billy Miller). Not only is that surprising, but it is getting viewers all riled up.

Over on Twitter, there is a “leaked script” that has General Hospital viewers talking. It appears that the character is Drew, and there will be a storyline involving what happened when his plane crashed, and his body wasn’t found.

Will Cameron Mathison step into the role Billy Miller exited?

Whether this is true remains to be seen. Cameron Mathison is definitely headed to General Hospital, but there are other possibilities aside from Drew. However, the evidence does seem pretty convincing.

With the mystery surrounding who he will play looming, the odds are good that it will be Drew Cain. Unfortunately, that will come with a lot of backlash from loyal Drew fans who believe that Billy Miller got the short end of stick where the show and his role were concerned. There was (and still is!) a huge DreAM (Drew and Sam) fan base that adored the actors and the pairing.

Cameron Mathison is a daytime vet and closed out his role as Ryan Lavery when All My Children went off the air. He is qualified to step into Port Charles, but if he is the Drew recast, it will be met with plenty of resistance.

General Hospital fans react to possible Drew recast

Once that script made the rounds, General Hospital fans began talking about the possibility that Cameron Mathison could be a Drew Cain recast. It isn’t shocking that the show wants to bring the character back, but after messing around with him initially being “Jason Morgan” and then changed when Steve Burton decided to return, there are a lot of layers that have some viewers worried.

Now, General Hospital has been tossing around the Novak name as well. It is possible that Cameron could be playing someone in the mob family (i.e., the boss mentioned), especially when part of a recent show focused on the stolen shipment because of the Corinthos family’s unclear balance of power between Jason and Carly (Laura Wright).

Pic credit: @JoseIsBae81/Twitter

An actual air date has not been revealed, but it is speculated that Cameron Mathison will be debuting at some point in July. Mid-month is being discussed, but that is still at least three weeks away.

For now, there is only speculation, but several pieces of the puzzle fit.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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