General Hospital rumor: Will Harmony snitch on Shiloh?

Inga Cadranel as Harmony on General Hospital.
Will Harmony turn on Shiloh? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans first heard dissonant Harmony (Inga Cadranel) back in February when she popped up as the woman behind Shiloh’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) Beecher’s Corners Dawn of Day operation. Since then we’ve learned a lot more about the shady lady, and it’s clear she’s a key cog in his machinations.

Is it possible that she will be the one to finally bring down the puppet master? She’s his biggest fan, but stranger things have happened!

At the moment, the lovely lady is cooling her jets in jail, having taken the rap for Shiloh’s drugging of the Davis girls. Yeah, he’s a real winner. Could Harmony be in for a change of heart?

She’s lost a lot in this twisted plot, whereas Shiloh seems to get off at every turn.

Not so long ago, Harmony pimped out her daughter Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) to Shiloh in exchange for his approval. When Shiloh recently found out that Willow supposedly had his child (something Harmony knew all along), he went into overdrive trying to find the baby.

What he and Harmony, as well as Willow, don’t know is that the child who Willow gave up for adoption actually died and the baby Brucas is raising is not hers but Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier).

In the latest twist to the sordid story, Willow tells Michael (Chad Duell) that Shiloh murdered her father.

This will no doubt come back to haunt Harmony who seems to have a tentacle in every unsavory unfolding of Shiloh’s story.

This week, Willow is set to testify against Shiloh. But there is a wild card in the mix, and her name is Harmony! She’s lost her daughter, husband, and supposed grandchild all because of sleazy Shiloh, and could be ready to snitch on him in order to regain some of what she’s lost.

Is Harmony about to sing like a canary?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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