General Hospital newbie Cynthia Watros will juggle two soap roles

Cynthia Watros at a red carpet premiere
Cynthia Watros will have two upcoming soap roles. Pic credit: ©

General Hospital fans who also watch digital daytime dramas, will be seeing double in the near future. That’s because Cynthia Watros, who is set to take on the role of Nina, is also a member of the web series, Misguided.

Fans of Guiding Light, where Watros played Annie, will get a double dose of fun!

Misguided features Paul (Paul Gosselin), a Guiding Light wanna-be actor. Just as in real-life, the reel-time sudser is canceled and Paul finds himself in an Another World (just kidding, he finds himself in shock).

Paul is a bit undone, and so his life takes a different turn when he decides to travel to L.A. to try and get on another soap. Along the way, he meets up with Watros’ character Anne. Get it, Watros played Annie from 1994 to 1998 on GL?!

All of this sounds like a hilarious and soapy homage to the genre that has dramatically shrunk in past years, leaving just four soaps on the air. Who knows what a Search for Tomorrow in terms of soap longevity will bring?

At any rate, Watros definitely has the megastar power to pull off carrying two roles at a time. And, it will no doubt be fun to see in what direction she takes Nina, currently played by Michelle Stafford, on General Hospital.

Nina has been a boon and a bane, showing a soft spot for her alleged (really an imposter) daughter but also terrorizing the local schoolmarm out of a misguided attempt to protect her daughter.

It will also be interesting to see if Nina has another break with reality, or decides to remain a media mogul, once the truth about her kid comes out.

If you want to double dip like Watros, you can check out Season 3 of the digital drama Misguided starting Monday, May 27.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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