General Hospital makes it clear it is ‘for everyone’

Tabyana Ali as Trina on General Hospital
General Hospital made a big statement. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital won’t let hatred win.

The popular ABC soap took a stance and made it known that it is for everyone to watch.

Over the last several months (but particularly in recent weeks), social media has been filled with toxicity toward certain actors and actresses who star on General Hospital.

Soap Twitter (we haven’t entirely adopted Soap X yet) has been filled with racist remarks toward the Black actors, and in turn, several fans spoke out about it.

On all of its social media pages, General Hospital shared a post that indicated it didn’t support the vitriol being spewed.

It said, “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. #GH is for everyone.”

What sparked the need for General Hospital to speak out?

Tabyana Ali plays Trina Robinson on the hit ABC soap. She was part of Sprina alongside Nicholas Chavez, who played Spencer.

Shortly after the 51st Daytime Emmys, Tabyana spoke out about the hate she was receiving.

Taking to X, she wrote, “To anyone that hates me. That’s absolutely fine. I don’t know you and you don’t me but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety, and prosperity… I also pray you touch some grass, see the sun, eat a delicious meal, and find something to do. Peace and love.”

She then talked more about how to combat the problem, which boiled down to racism and hatred.

Tabyana said, “Okay this is the last time I’m going to speak on this today but we cannot be feeding in to peoples hate. We cannot be giving it back. We cannot stoop to rude/racist people’s level. It doesn’t help. We are fighting too many wars as it is. I believe we will have our world peace”

Tabyana Ali speaks out about hatred
Tabyana Ali shares her thoughts. Pic credit: @iamaliford/X

What’s next for Trina?

General Hospital viewers were hopeful Spencer would return from the dead later this year. After all, his body was never recovered.

However, that is not the case, as Nicholas Chavez revealed that he isn’t returning. That’s okay, though.

With the addition of Gio (Giovanni Mazza), it seems the writers are contemplating a pairing between him and Trina. The two have interacted a bit, and it seems they enjoy each other’s company. Trina is far from ready to move on from Spencer, though.

She keeps her mind busy by working with Ava (Maura West) at the gallery. She also worries about Heather (Alley Mills) being freed because of her recent diagnosis.

Many viewers are here for Trina’s continued story, and General Hospital is backing Tabyana Ali and the other actors on the show.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Aleana Bumpers
Aleana Bumpers
28 days ago

The racist comments towards all the black actors and actresses do need to stop. These are people trying to make a living for themselves. It’s pitiful in 2024 this is still a topic of discussion. GH add more black actors and actresses to the show. Show some healthy relationships instead of the few on there being scattered around. Bring in a handsome guy for Jordan her life doesn’t end with Curtis. She is capable of love.

28 days ago

I have been watching GH since I was 5-6 so about 40 yrs I love the stories and the plots I love how they not only have stories that are a lil out there they also do real life issues

Lynda A Rood
Lynda A Rood
28 days ago

Tabyana is a beautiful girl and a really good actor. How dare anybody go after her for her race, that is abhorrent. These people are sick and hateful and they need to keep those comments to themselves instead of trying to hurt this girl. Good luck Tabyana, and keep staying strong.

27 days ago

Says a show that rarely showcases, there minority actors and actresses!!

27 days ago

I commented, but my comment wasn’t posted?

21 days ago

What the hell is wrong with people. I’m shocked and didn’t know anything about the racism going on on GH. I think it was great when the producers added more black actors to the show and feel there should be more. I love the interacial relationships on the show too. I think it’s a great healing from what has happened during the ‘summer of love’ a few years ago when all hell broke loose in this country. As the actress said we are already fighting too many wars in this world. So to all haters out there, get use to it because the actress who plays Trina is a great actress and if you have a problem with the show, don’t blame her and the other black actors, blame the writers.