General Hospital: If Kim’s pregnant who’s the daddy?

Roger Howarth and Tamara Braun as Franco/Drew and Kim on General Hospital.
Franco/Drew slept with Kim and there may be a baby on the way. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans who detest the Frew storyline might have to wait at least nine more months before a resolution appears. That’s because Frew (Roger Howarth) and Kim (Tamara Braun) just did the deed.

What was she thinking? Maybe we should ask, what were the writers thinking? This plot has divided fans along loyalty lines, with Friz fans decidedly upset that a monumental romance was dashed shortly after consummation.

Now it looks like another consummation may kill Friz altogether.

It’s hard to sort out who’s more deluded, Franco who thinks he’s Drew or Kim who thinks Franco is Drew. At least Franco has an excuse as he was hogtied and another man’s memories were inserted into his brain.

What is Kim’s excuse? That she is still mourning the loss of her son, Oscar (Garren Stitt)? She is seriously disturbed right now, but that all might be about to change, in her mind at least, if the writing on the wall is any indication.

By all soapy accounts, Kim will soon buy a little wand at the corner drugstore which goes on to show she’s pregnant. But who’s the daddy?

This biological question is even more complicated than usual, given the fact that she’s just slept with a ghost so to speak!

Aye caramba, this has got to a soap first.

Where can this storyline go from here?

She’s also slept with Julian (William deVry), at that least that much is clear.

Do you want Kim to be with child? This is something she’s desperately hoped for, going so far as to drug Drew (Billy Miller) to make it happen. But, in her state of mind, is she even capable of being a reliable parent given her choices which clearly show she’s not in her right mind?

If she is pregnant, who do you want to be the father?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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