Daytime drama: Top amnesia plots you may have forgotten

Mark Grossman as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless,
Adam had amnesia but his memories are back. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes having amnesia can be the best time of your life–if you’re a character on a daytime drama! Amnesia is as common on soaps as it is uncommon in real life, but a good amnesia plot can be riveting and scintillating not to mention scandalously juicy when done right.

In case you’ve forgotten (pun intended!) here are a few sensational amnesia storylines from each of the four remaining network soaps.

Days of our Lives

Right now on Days of our Lives, Jack (Matthew Ashford) is experiencing a classic case of amnesia. Maybe it has to do with also being back from the dead—again! Surely all that passing back and forth from another dimension can mess with one’s memories?

Jack has been both a good guy and a bad guy over the years. This version is definitely nasty. He has double-crossed his own son, J.J. (Casey Moss) and taken up with town vixen Eve (Kassie DePaiva). Hope is on the horizon, spoilers reveal that ex-wife Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) will help him remember something significant.

The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless just wrapped up an amnesia storyline involving mega titan Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) son Adam (Mark Grossman). Coincidently, he, like Days of our Lives’ Jack, is also back from the dead!

Adam is currently wreaking havoc in Genoa City. Not too long ago he was living as Spider, a pro gambler living large in Vegas. Dear old dad brought him back to town, where he was promptly shot, causing his memories to come flooding back. Amazing how that happens!

Now he is suing his brother, Nick (Joshua Morrow) for custody of his son, and chasing after his ex, Sharon (Sharon Case). Some things never change.

General Hospital

On General Hospital, Jason (Steve Burton) is a permanent amnesiac. So far at least. Sadly, he was a promising young man wanting to follow in the footsteps of his parents, and become a surgeon. Instead, he got in a car with his drunk brother. They crashed and mobster Sonny (Maurice Benard) took Jason under his wing. Now, he’s a hired hit man and enforcer, a bit of a career switch. But, he has mended ties with his family.

The Bold and the Beautiful

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) once lost her memories, but in doing so, she gained a prince! Yep, she married into royalty while suffering from amnesia. When her memories returned she, too, returned to her civilian life as a shrink.

Do you have a favorite amnesia storyline? Let us know which one, either past or current!

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