Days of our Lives spoilers: Dr. Rolf and Kristen unleash mad science experiment

What are Kristen and Dr. Rolf up to on Days of our Lives?
Kristen agrees to Dr. Rolf’s wacky new science project on Days. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers tease the hit NBC soap opera is about to take another jaw-dropping turn that will have fans talking for weeks.

Salem faced another death this week when Jake (Brandon Barash) was shot and killed while protecting Ava (Tamara Braun) from a mugger.

The death was lackluster at best, and it seems there was a very good reason for Jake’s sudden demise.

From the moment Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) was released from prison, thanks to Kristen’s help (Stacy Haiduk), fans knew he would be up to something. Days viewers know he’s been working on a secret project in the basement of the DiMera mansion.

The cliffhanger for this week’s episodes of the daytime drama featured Dr. Rolf and Kristen sneaking into a dead Jake’s hospital room.

Thanks to the latest preview video for the NBC show, fans have a better idea of what Dr. Rolf plans to do with Jake’s body.

Dr. Rolf and Kristen unleash mad science experiment on

In the preview footage, Kristen and Dr. Rolf have taken Jake’s body to his DiMera lab. Jake’s on a ventilator, but the mad doctor declares he’s still dead.

Kristen has an annoyed look on her face at the news. Never fear, though. Dr. Rolf has another trick up his sleeve.

Days of our Lives spoilers tease that Kristen is left shook as she discovers what Dr. Rolf has been working on lately.

That is true as Dr. Rolf lets Kristen know there’s one thing he can do to help their situation.

What is Dr. Rolf up to on Days of our Lives?

After the crazy doctor informs Kristen that not all hope is lost, she makes it clear for him to do whatever he needs to for them. As the words “mad science” and “assembly required” flash across the screen, Dr. Rolf unveils his solution.

“Behold,” he states as a shocked Kristen looks at what’s behind the curtain, replying, “Oh My God.”

Whatever their mad science project is has Dr. Rolf extremely happy and proud of himself. The doctor screams with excitement as the video comes to a close.

All signs point to this project having something to do with Jake and Stefan (Brandon Barash). They are both dead, but Days fans know DiMera family members rarely stay dead, thanks to Dr. Rolf.

Adding fuel to the fire was Brandon’s reaction to Jake’s death. The actor had a hilarious response and did not say goodbye to the show.

What do you think Dr. Rolf is up to in his lab?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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1 year ago

I’ve watched Days since it’s beginning and it’s getting so stupid it’s not even funny.