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Days of our Lives spoilers: Doug warns John as evil takes over Salem again

Days of our Lives spoilers tease possessed Marlena has a plan for Doug.
The devil has taken over Marlena again and left Doug fearing for his life. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that evil forces have a hidden agenda for the good people of Salem.

The hit NBC soap opera is diving right into the possession storyline that was heavily promoted in the fall promo video. It’s controversial, with Days fans questioning why the show would revisit it after 25 years.

One thing is for sure. The writers have a plan that will either keep viewers glued to their television screens or turn them off depending on feelings about the story.

Marlena’s past is the talk of the town

Ever since Johnny (Carson Boatman) brought up making Will’s (Chandler Massey) movie about Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) life, Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) past has been the talk of Salem.

The news that Marlena was possessed by the devil back in the day has spread like wildfire. In the latest preview video, Allie (Lindsay Arnold) tells Tripp (Lucas Adams) that her grandmother was possessed by the devil years ago.

Tripp reacts about as well as Paulina (Jackée Harry) did, and it’s priceless.

Little does Allie and the rest of Salem know that the devil is back in town and has embodied Marlena again.

Doug tries to warn John about the possession

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Marlena has a nightmare that leaves her confused. While she and the rest of the town are clueless the devil has taken over Marlena, Doug (Bill Hayes) knows exactly what happened.

As Doug’s mental state declines, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and John (Drake Hogestyn) pray in the chapel. A possessed Marlena watches over them with an evil eye and a hidden agenda.

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The promo video reveals Satan has an even grander plan for Salem than last time around.

One person causing problems for evil Marlena is Doug. Despite his confusion, Doug does tell John that Marlena wants to kill him.

John may nor may not believe Doug considering his mental state. Hopefully, it will give John a clue because Doug needs all the help he can get.

Evil Marlena makes it clear to Doug that she’s going to kill him. After watching Doug while he sleeps, possessed Marlena looks like she’s ready to smother the old man with a pillow.

Will this be the end of Doug? Will John figure out something is wrong with his wife? How long will it take Marlena’s loved ones to realize she is possessed again.

Those questions and more will be answered soon on the NBC soap opera, so keep watching.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. This story line made Days the laugh of on TV. What a joke! WHY do this again? WHY put us through this AGAIN. I agree with Marilyn, get some fresh ideas. Put this one to bed ASAP. BUT since you tape so many months in advance, I guess we are stuck with it. YUCK!

  2. I won’t watch this storyline. If you were going to bring it back at least use one of the other characters. Marlena and John should be the older couple that gives advise to everyone else on the show the way Tom and Alice Horton did. I think you should write a storyline about what’s happening today with COVID around the world and in Salem

  3. Your plots are going down hill. Why repeat the same old Devil possession again? Can’t the writers come up with fresh ideas?? Not worth watching and Johnny needs to do a fresh approach to his “movie” idea.

  4. This story line is moronic They certainly could have used Doug’s forgetting as a dialog for people with either Alzheimer’s or Dementia…it would have been a wonderful learning experience for those experiencing or members of their family that need to understand these problems…But they brought up a ridiculous story line from years ago and i find it a loss to viewers – me too during this time – I think the story line with Ciara and Ben about mental illness and worries about having children are so inspirational.

  5. There is enough of evil in this world we live in, this isn’t the DAYS of yesteryear. we try to escape into an hour each day, to forget our own problems, and there showing this garbage, bring back DAYS the way it used to be.


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