Days of our Lives’ Christie Clark shares coronavirus story amid self-isolation from family

Days of our Lives Christie Clark shares health update.
Christie Clark and her husband are in self-isolation. Pic credit:

Days of our Lives’ Christie Clark (Carrie Brady) is sharing her coronavirus story amid self-isolation from her family. The actress used social media to update her fans on how she and her husband have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Christie lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, Thomas Barnes, and their three daughters, Hannah, Emma, and Charlotte. She is not only telling her fans about feeling ill but also why she has not gotten tested yet.

Christie’s Instagram video

The soap opera vet was brutally honest with her followers in her video revealing she and her husband have both fallen ill. Christie even shared her thoughts on how she contracted the coronavirus.

“This is most likely a coronavirus story. Can’t get tested unless you check in to hospital in the U.K. Woke up Tuesday with chills, fever, headache, body aches, and major sore throat. Was in bed for 3 days zapped of energy. Our yoga instructor was told she had it, and I was with her 5 days previous to getting this strange virus,” she began her lengthy message.

Christie goes on to explain she is worried about her parents and in-laws during the current health crisis. She then praised one of her neighbors, who made dinner and left it for Christie’s family at the door every night.

“Stock up on easy dinners. In case, two parents get it at the same time, which is what happened to my husband and me. Tests are supposedly coming soon to prove that certain people have already had it. Then we can once again join society and, hopefully, help on the front line and rebuild the economy. That’s my plan. Stay safe, wash your hands, help each other,” she ended the video.

Christie’s second update

Later Christie used Instagram to express how she felt each day since falling ill. The actress detailed feeling like a zombie during the first three days. Then the next three days she had some energy in the morning, however by lunchtime, she was drained.

She is on day six but has heard stories of what is to come for her and her husband. Christie is fearful the virus will mess with her lungs more in the next couple of days and that her fever will reappear.

The Days beauty also addressed questions regarding whey she has not gotten tested for the coronavirus.

“A few people asked me why I haven’t gotten tested, and that’s because the hospitals are crammed with people who actually need it. Nothing has been life-threatening for my husband and I. And they have a test coming soon that can prove you’ve had it after the fact,” she expressed.

Christie ended her update by telling her fans to take Tylenol, not ibuprofen if they feel they have the virus.

Days of our Lives starlet, Christie Clark, is speaking out about her illness, which she is sure is COVID-19. She is the latest soap opera star to reveal a battle with the coronavirus.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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