The Young and the Restless’ Greg Rikaart gives health update on mild coronavirus symptoms and testing frustration

The Young and the Restless Greg Rikaart is having a health scare.
Greg Rikaart has quarantined himself amid coronavirus fears. Pic credit:

The Young and the Restless star Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) used Instagram to gives fans a health update on his mild coronavirus symptoms. He also revealed the struggle to get tested for the virus despite his symptoms persisting for days.

Greg initially sent a message on Twitter but decided to expand it to all of his social media platforms to put fans at ease. He is also hoping to bring awareness to the testing issues involving coronavirus as the national crisis continues to grow.

What symptoms does Greg have?

The first Instagram message is a lengthy caption of Greg sharing his story from his bedroom. He has set up a quarantine in his bedroom to protect his husband and son should it turn out he does have the coronavirus.

“I’ve been mildly symptomatic since Friday/Saturday. 100.5 fever, tightness in my chest, and a wet cough complete with some green phlegm. Before the fever, on Wednesday of last week, my dr said I had seasonal allergies. By Friday, he prescribed a zpak, and yesterday, after zero abatement in symptoms following 3 days of antibiotics, I tried to get in to see my doctor again, and hopefully be diagnosed with the flu but also be tested for coronavirus,” the soap opera vet began his message.

Greg wants to get tested for the coronavirus. So far though, he has been refused the test because he did not meet specific CDC criteria.

“THREE offices refused to see me, including my primary GP, b/c I didn’t meet the CDC threshold of: 1. Having travelled internationally in the past few weeks. 2. Having a fever of 102. 3. Cough. Two offices have me virtual appointments and said only to come in if conditions deteriorate b/c kits are a finite resource right now,” he continued to explain to his followers.

The actor shared he found a doctor that is willing to make house calls. He is currently isolated from his husband and son, something he is desperate to end soon.

Greg also called out the lack of available testing in the United States compared to other countries. He then went on to express his thoughts on healthcare not being a luxury. There is no question, he extremely frustrated.

Greg thanks fans during a second update

After the doctor left, Greg shared another update with fans that is good and bad. The house call proved he doesn’t have the flu, but the doctor also doesn’t think Greg has the coronavirus.

Greg is still running a fever of 100.5. Thankfully though, his oxygen and blood levels were good, which is why the doctor doesn’t think he has the coronavirus. The doctor was unable to test Greg for the virus due to a lack of tests.

The actor is hopeful his fever breaks soon so that he can go back to being a dad and husband. Greg Rikaart thanked all of his fans for the love and support, promising to keep the updates coming. He also told people to stay safe during this time.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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C Davis
C Davis
4 years ago

Sending well wishes, get better soon. May God bless you.

4 years ago

I wish him a speedy recovery and VERY glad it’s not the Coronavirus. Testing, until we have enough kits, must be reserved for healthcare workers, IMHO. Self-quarantine is smart with ANY illness and it’s great that Greg was so smart to do this when he became ill. Way to go, Greg!