Soap opera legend to reprise Blue Bloods role

Erika Slezak
Erika Slezak to reprise role on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel

Blue Bloods is welcoming back a past face familiar to soap opera fans.

Erika Slezak, best known for her multiple Daytime Emmy award-winning role of Victoria Lord on One Life to Live, will reprise her turn as Donna Duvall in a future episode.

The character first appeared in Season 9 as a neighbor of Henry’s, who he had to help out with a difficult family problem.

The actress announced the casting on her website, although there is no word on when her episode will air.

It’s hinted that Henry and Donna have been keeping in touch for a while, and this will mark a rare return to television for the soap opera icon. 

The role should spark up the series and make for a fun guest star turn.

Who is Donna Duvall on Blue Bloods?

In Season 9’s episode Identity, Henry found that next-door neighbor Donna Duvall was having issues with her drug-addict granddaughter, Alexis.

The girl had stolen some packages from Henry, among others, to sell for money to score more drugs. 

The girl’s problems were getting out of control to the point of hitting Donna. Donna wanted Alexis arrested, hoping being in jail would straighten her out. 

Henry talked Donna into giving Alexis another chance to welcome her home. The two had a tearful embrace as Donna brought Alexis back.

Tragically, the next day, Henry arrived to find that Alexis had died of a drug overdose. Despite that, Donna said Henry wasn’t to blame as she had one last day with her granddaughter before her end. 

Henry assured Donna he’d be there to help her out, yet this was the last sight of the character. However, it appears she’s coming back. 

When is Erika Slezak returning to Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods
Henry (Len Cariou) helps neighbor Donna (Erika Slezak) in Blue Bloods Season 9 episode Identity. Pic credit: CBS

Playing the role of Donna was Slezak, who’s practically royalty to soap opera fans.

The actress created the role of Victoria “Viki” Lord in the soap opera One Life To Live in 1971. She would stay with the show all the way until its end in 2012. She then reprised the part for the short-lived 2013 online revival.

The role earned Slezak six Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Actress, the most of any performer. 

Slezak has been quieter since One Life to Live ended. Her last role was the 2021 Hallmark Channel film Next Stop, Christmas

There is no word on when Donna’s return episode will air. The plotline is likely to bring up Henry and Donna remaining in touch, but the question is why Donna needs his help this time.

As Season 13 continues, Blue Bloods looks to expand the fun with a past face that can stand out with Henry’s own plotlines this season.

Blue Bloods Season 13 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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