Sister Wives: Who is Kody’s rumored fifth wife, Leah Marie Brown?

Sister Wives on TLC
Rumor has it that Kody Brown has a fifth wife. Pic credit: TLC

Rumors that Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a fifth wife have recently been circulating online. The rumors come as fans speculate on social media whether the Brown family patriarch will ever take another wife.

Neither Kody nor any of his current four wives — Meri, Robyn, Christine, and Janelle — have suggested that Kody has entered into another spiritual union. After having taken four wives, there appears to be nothing in principle, stopping him from taking a fifth wife.

In fact, some have claimed on social media and YouTube that Kody appears to have married a fifth wife and that her name is Leah Marie.

Since rumors emerged online that Kody married Leah Marie in 2019, fans have been searching for information about the rumored fifth wife.

If you’ve also been wondering whether Kody has taken a fifth wife, here is what you need to know.

Who is Leah Marie Brown?

Rumors about a fifth wife for Kody have circulated for quite some time, but the rumors appeared to have gained traction in March 2019 when some fans claim they saw a new name added to the list of the Brown family members on their Wikipedia page.

The name of the alleged new addition to the family was Leah Marie Brown.

Leah Marie Brown was reportedly listed as having been born on September 15, 1990, and that she married Kody Brown on February 20, 2019, when she was 28 years old.

However, while fans speculated about the identity of the alleged new addition to the family, the relevant entries on the Wikipedia page were reportedly deleted. Since then, the Browns have not commented about the alleged new family member.

The silence sparked speculation, and many Sister Wives fans began searching online for clues that could lead to someone named Leah Marie linked with the Brown family.

So far, no one has been able to present conclusive evidence about the alleged new Brown family member, although someone posted a photo online that they claimed showed Leah (Leigh) Marie Brown.

Despite the lack of evidence, people began speculating that Kody might have married a fifth wife but was keeping it a secret ahead of a surprise revelation in a future episode.

But others pointed out that since Wikipedia is crowd-sourced, the information could have been entered in error or by someone who wanted to prank Sister Wives fans.

However, rumors continued to gain traction after some claimed to have found evidence of a new addition to the family in the blueprint for the proposed new house for the Brown family that recently showed up online.

They claimed the architectural blueprint for the Brown family’s proposed new house in Coyote Pass, Flagstaff, Arizona, included a fifth section or bedroom and that it could be for the fifth wife.

The section was supposed to be for Kody, but some pointed out Kody never had a private place to himself, and he has always rotated between the wives. This led to the suggestion that the fifth section could be for the rumored fifth wife.

Another line of speculation claimed that Kody has an extra house close to Robyn’s and that none of the other sister-wives were living in the house, and thus it could be for the alleged fifth wife.

The Hollywood Gossip explored yet another line of speculation, alleging that Meri appears unhappy lately and that she has been posting “cryptic and seemingly depressing Instagram messages” that hint her possible departure from the family.

Rumors that Meri and Kody’s relationship has been deteriorating and that he’s been searching for a new wife are not new.

A former friend of Robyn, Kendra Pollard-Parra, told In Touch Weekly back in 2016 that Kody was searching for a new wife following growing tensions with his wives, especially Meri.

She even claimed that Kody once propositioned her.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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