Sex and The City reboot slammed for Holocaust ‘hoax’ joke

Anthony Marentino brings a questionable date on the latest episode of And Just Like That. Pic credit: HBO

While Sex and The City reboot, And Just Like That, is hoping to push boundaries, they might’ve pushed it a little too far with this joke.

The latest episode, Seeing the Light, left viewers stunned with a Holocaust ‘hoax’ joke that many felt was inappropriate, especially with its timing falling on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Fresh off his separation from Carrie Bradshaw’s best friend, Stanford Blanch (Willie Garson), Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone) decides to bring a date to a dinner party hosted by Charlotte York.

However, his date didn’t realize it was a Jewish celebration, prompting him to say something that many deemed as majorly unacceptable.

And Just Like That slammed for Holocaust ‘hoax’ joke

Anthony described the new man he met as “sexy, smart and always reading” but it only takes seconds after walking into the York residence for the dinner to go awry.

With Charlotte asking her husband to “take the challah” out of the oven, Anthony’s date Justin is quick to pick up he’s just arrived at a Jewish dinner.

“You know, the Holocaust is a hoax, right?”, Justin said matter-of-factly in front of the couple.

Marentino promptly kicked his date out but viewers are furious that writers added the offensive line.

“The Holocaust moment. I’m speechless. Did they have to include that? #AndJustLikeThat,” one critic wrote.

Another wrote, “‘The Holocaust was a hoax’?! On Holocaust Memorial Day?! #AndJustLikeThat.”

While fans slammed the show for adding the insensitive joke, viewers agreed with how Marentino dealt with his bad behaving dinner date.

Yelling at him to get out of Charlotte’s apartment immediately, AJLT viewers settled, “Anthony handled his date in the only acceptable way.”

Another comment praised Anthony’s response to the situation

What happened to Anthony Marentino’s husband, Stanford Blanch?

Leaving his BFF Carrie a letter that he’s left to Japan to support the teen TikTok star he manages, Stanford’s last mention happens in episode 4 of the reboot.

While Carrie lost her TV best friend on And Just Like That, the real tragedy happened off-screen.

While filming the revival, Willie Garson, who portrayed Carrie’s stylish right hand all these years, sadly passed away at 57-years-old after a battle with cancer.

‘SATC’ creator Micheal Patrick King revealed to TV Line, “There was a beautiful last scene that was going to be between Carrie and Stanford that he wasn’t well enough to do, which explained a little bit more.”

And Just Like That… airs on Thursdays at 3 a.m. EST on HBO Max.

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