Sarah Power has a message for Good Witch fans: Buckle up

Catherine Bell, Sarah Power, and Kat Barrell of the Hallmark series Good Witch.
Catherine Bell, Sarah Power, and Kat Barrell on Season 7 of Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch. Pic credit: Crown Media.

The three stars of Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch appeared on Facebook Live recently, talking about upcoming episodes and looking back at some of their favorite moments on the show.

When a fan asked for three words to sum up the rest of Season 7, Sarah Power, who plays Abigail Merriwick, gave two words instead.

“Buckle up,” she said, smiling.

The Merriwick women are about to solve some of the mysteries that have plagued them since the start of the season. They will finally figure out the messages on Joy’s vision board and determine who is trying to harm them.

Kat Barrell, who plays Joy, said that there was a shift at the end of Episode 7.

“Remember when we had that scene where we turned the board around, that was really the key,” Barrell said.

The hidden message

The images that hadn’t made sense suddenly fell into place, she said. That was when the warning appeared: Beware the zenith of the red halo moon.

“So the next episode is when I think we get to the bottom of what that means,” Power said. “Of what’s been revealed.”

All three of the Merriwick women will face new developments in their non-magical lives as well.

Abigail and Donovan are dealing with the reality of getting married, Power said.

Cassie is having a difficult time and is showing her human side, Catherine Bell said.

“I’ve always said Cassie can’t be perfect all the time,” she said.

Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale on the Hallmark series Good Witch.
Catherine Bell says fans are seeing a more human side of Cassie in Season 7 of Good Witch. Pic credit: Crown Media.

Joy is opening up to romance with Zoey, the firefighter who rescued her earlier in the season.

“Both of them have come into this new relationship with a lot of pain in their past,” Barrell said. “That’s caused them to be really scared of falling for someone again.”

Best episode of Good Witch Season 7?

The stars answered questions from fans, including what they enjoyed the most about filming Season 7. All three said they loved filming the ’50s night in Episode 2, The Shell.

“It was so much fun,” Bell said. “Especially because we had all been in lockdown for whatever that was, like nine months. …And then to be able to safely go back to work with all our testing and protocols and then to take the masks off and dance. It was so much fun.”

Donovan, Abigail, and Cassie on '50s night.
Marc Bendavid, Sarah Power, and Catherine Bell all dressed up for the ’50s night party on Season 7, Episode 2 of Good Witch. Pic credit: Crown Media.

“I remember when the music stopped, none of us stopped dancing,” Power said.

“That was one of those days where like when you were a kid and you wanted to be an actor, those were the days that you imagined,” Barrell said.

Good Witch Season 7, Episode 8, The Sprint, will air Sunday, July 11 on Hallmark Channel at 9/8c.

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