Sara Haines defends herself after commenter calls out disrespect

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines defends herself on Instagram. Pic credit: ABC

Sara Haines is very active on The View and off. She is a busy mom of three young children with her husband, Max Shifrin, and she is on The View full-time.

She recently revealed her plans for a future baby on her Instagram stories. While answering more mundane questions, such as if she ever goes back to her home and what her hobbies are, she was asked a fundamental question.

“Does she want more kids?” was a question posed to her. Her very emphatic answer was, “Want? Yes…Will we? No.”

Her time on The View takes her away from her beloved children — and three children is a lot for anyone to tackle.

If Sara is anything, she is a great mom. She takes them on exciting vacations like Disney World and posts their adventures on her Instagram. She recently shared them bowling as a family.

So, it is not out of the norm for her to post parenting advice or quotes about children. One last post, though, had her defending herself.

Sara posts a controversial quote by L.R. Knost on her Instagram

Sara posted a quote by L.R. Knost, author and founder of Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting.

The quote says, “When our little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it is our job to stay calm, not join their chaos.”

Sara Haines post on Instagram
Sara Haines posted on Instagram that she defended. Pic credit: @sarahaines/Instagram

While on the surface, the quote has good sentiments behind it, some fans took the time to educate Sara about the phrase “little people.”

One user, a self-proclaimed little person themselves, told Sara in part, “Please don’t refer to children as ‘little people.’ Little people are an actual group of people who have dwarfism.”

Another user commented and said, “Thank you!”

This exchange prompted Sara to defend herself, yet not apologize for it. Sara posted, “It’s not my quote…I am requoting the sentiment.”

Fans of Sara Haines on Instagram
Instagram fans of Sara Haines reprimanded her for a post. Pic credit: @halemayj/@brynsarah/@sarahaines/Instagram

Washington University clarifies how these terms should be used: “The terms ‘person of short stature,’ ‘little person,’ and ‘dwarf’ are commonly used in the United States to refer to a person with a medical condition called ‘dwarfism.'” 

Sara has a new job title on The View

As busy as she is, Sara is taking on a new role on The View. She is, along with an unnamed pet expert, going to be a judge on The View’s Pooch Pageant.

Brian Teta, executive producer and host of The View: Behind the Table Podcast, has been polling the ladies about their entries in the pageant and what they think about their odds of winning.

Sara, a lifelong dog lover and rescue advocate, has no dogs now, so Brian has asked her to judge.

Brian spoke to Joy Behar before the event, and Ana Navarro after the pageant was taped. Joy was full of spit and vinegar and was assured she would win.

Ana was tense after the pageant was taped when she spoke to Brian. While Brian would not give away who won, it seemed as though Ana’s mood was because she lost.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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