Ryan Paevey reveals no Hallmark movie in the works, teases break from acting after ‘pretty bitter taste’

Ryan Paevey on the red carpet
Ryan Paevey has no Hallmark movies booked. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Ryan Paevey was one of the Hallmark hunks who starred in several movies for the channel over the years.

He also starred as the hunky police officer, Nathan West, on General Hospital.

Before getting into soaps and film, Ryan did modeling work and appeared in several movies.

The actor had yet to announce any upcoming projects with Hallmark, which prompted concerned fans to worry about his future with the popular channel.

Unfortunately, it seems Ryan doesn’t have anything planned for 2024 for Hallmark at this point, and he is considering walking away from acting.

This isn’t the news Mr. Darcy fans hoped to get from him.

Ryan Paevey reveals the industry has left a ‘pretty bitter taste’ in his mouth

On X (formerly Twitter), Ryan Paevey addressed the reality that no Hallmark movie is currently in the works for him.

This came after a post was shared that the actor ranked number one in the Woman’s World Hallmark Hunks list, comprising 19 other men in various Hallmark movies.

He wrote, “Sadly no word of a film…i may take 2024 off from filming, unless the project is with friends. The last 8 months of life in this industry have left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth, and i need some time away from a world so full of fake friends and empty promises. I’m weary…”

Ryan Paevey confirms no movies in the works
Ryan addresses online rumors. Pic credit: @RyanPaevey/X

He didn’t elaborate on the “fake friends” and “empty promises” comments, but Hollywood is full of ups and downs, and things ebb and flow in the industry.

However, Ryan has been in 16 Hallmark movies since 2016. He averaged two or more a year; in 2023, he only shot one.

Is Ryan Paevey done with acting?

It’s unclear what Ryan Paevey plans to do regarding acting, though he did hint at taking some time away.

2024 is a third over, which doesn’t leave much time for filming a movie that would debut this year.

A follow-up message from Ryan read, “Oh it’s alright. I had a great run. I like my simple life in my shop, helping little bro, and frequent surfs. I have much to be grateful for, I’ll figure out a way to stay afloat without acting income…who knows, maybe a film will come along. Insurance would be nice, haha.”

Ryan Paevey addresses time away
Ryan talks about his great run. Pic credit: @RyanPaevey/X

While there are Hallmark viewers who still want to see Ryan in the movies, there is also a legion of General Hospital fans who would love to see him back as Nathan West.

He held the role for five years, and his death was tragic for those who loved his character. Killed by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), he had no idea he was his son.

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was paired with Nathan, and since his exit in 2018, no one compares.

Whether Ryan Paevey returns to Hallmark in movies remains to be seen, but if they don’t ask him back, it’s them missing out.

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1 month ago

So disappointed in Hallmark and GH. Ryan is my favorite actor to watch on Hallmark. Wish GH would have him back. Ryan, don’t let people like that get you down. It’s their mistake in judgment. You are so much better than two faced people. Wish you luck and success in your future. Hope to see you on a tv screen or movie screen.

Evelyn Nyuli
Evelyn Nyuli
1 month ago

Ryan is a great actor and should be back on Hallmark

Colleen E Braun
Colleen E Braun
1 month ago

Ryan is one of the great ones and lives by his standards! Unfortunately we the viewers aren’t given a chance to voice our opinions on how Hollywood is so disgusting on FAMILY VALUES and they keep shoving their ungodly views down our throats! Our only voice is to NOT WATCH THEIR TRASH! Hallmark turned on us so we’ve been watching other channels who support our values! 🙏♥️