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Roy Till on Magnum P.I.: Who is Anthony Montgomery?

Roy Till on Magnum P.I.: Who is Anthony Montgomery?
Anthony Montgomery with the Magnum P.I. cast. Pic credit: CBS

Tonight on Magnum P.I., it looks like Thomas Magnum is in trouble as he walks into a trap.

Anthony Montgomery has joined the cast for the episode tonight as Roy Till and here is what you need to know.

Magnum P.I.: “Day I Met the Devil”

The official synopsis claims that Thomas Magnum is called in from the reserves for a top-secret mission, but then his friends learn the mission is a lie.

The truth is that this is a setup and there is a chance that Magnum P.I. could bring back a classic character from the old TV show with Tom Selleck.

That character is known as Ivan, which is who actor Peter Facinelli is rumored to play in tonight’s episode. This is a former KGB officer who killed one of Magnum’s closest friends only to have Thomas take a dark turn and kill him in cold blood.

However, Ivan isn’t the only new character appearing tonight, as Anthony Montgomery is appearing as a character named Roy Till.

Who is Anthony Montgomery?

Anthony Montgomery is a very familiar face for soap opera fans. He stars on General Hospital as Andre Maddox.

On that ABC soap, he works as a doctor and also worked at one time with the WSB, the famed spy agency on the series that Robert Scorpio made famous with fans years back.

Montgomery seemed very excited about appearing on Magnum P.I. tonight and let his fans know on Instagram.

Anthony Montgomery also posted a photo showing him doing some ADR voice work for the episode.

Montgomery is also dating Vinessa Antoine, who was on General Hospital as well as the character Jordan Ashford.

He is back part-time, right now, on General Hospital, to help with the FrankenDrew storyline, but he now has plenty of time for other roles, including the one tonight on Magnum P.I.