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Riverdale: Charles and Chic are working together — What does that mean for Betty, Alice, F.P., and Jughead?

Charles Riverdale
Charles is working with Chic on Riverdale. What do they have planned? Pic credit: The CW

Riverdale gave fans another intense episode full of shocking twists and turns this week. The wild twist fans were not prepared for is that Charles (Wyatt Nash) and Chic (Hart Denton) have banned together.

Betty (Lili Reinhart) has had some concerns about her half-brother, Charles. Granted, she did blindly follow him for a little while, but, finally, a warning light turned on.

It turns out she was right to question her newfound sibling. She initially thought he was a serial killer and her hunch might not be too far off base.

Charles admitted to having the serial killer gene, just like his younger sister. However, he decided to fight it by joining the FBI.

Thanks to a carefully crafted plan by Chic and Charles, Betty now fully trusts her older brother. Alice (Mädchen Amick) and F.P. (Skeet Ulrich) are all about their law-abiding child too.

What the Jones and Cooper families don’t know, is that Charles is working with Chic. The shocking final moment of Charles visiting Chic in jail kicked off a new Riverdale mystery. Not only are they working together on some sort of revenge plot, but the guys are in love. Crazy!

Fans knew Chic and Charles were once in a relationship. They lived together in the sketchy hotel.

However, their stories are different. Chic told Betty that Charles went crazy and killed a guy. Charles said it was Chic. Both also said they broke up with each other.

Now, it appears it was all a big fat lie. All part of the dangerous duo’s master plan.

There are oh so many questions surrounding Chic and Charles. What is their end game? Why do they want to destroy the Cooper and Jones clans? How long have they been plotting the take-down?

The biggest question of all might be whether Charles is really Alice and F.P.’s son or is he another fake? Chic was once believed to be their son, but that was not true, breaking Alice’s heart.

It seems unlikely that the writers would be creating a second fake. Therefore, FBI agent Charles is probably the real one.

Charles is definitely not the sane crime-solving guy he has convinced the town of Riverdale he is. Working with Chic alone lets fans know there is a deeper, darker side to Charles then his new family knows.

One thing is for certain: The happy family bond Alice, F.P., Betty, and Charles had going on will be short-lived. Whatever Chic and his boyfriend have planned is no doubt going to be trouble for the Cooper and Jones family.

Riverdale airs Season 4 episodes on Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. if chick and Charles are together a bigger mystery could be at play however episode one of season one see’s jughead writing about the recent murder of Jason yet every episode since then has been narrated by him so maybe it is all in jugheads mind


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