Retirement rumors on The View? Ana Navarro responds

Ana Navarro from The View
Ana Navarro speaks on retirement rumors on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Rumors of The View ladies and their retirement have been everywhere lately.

Whoopi Goldberg’s plans have been at the forefront of the word on the street.

From contracting COVID-19 last month to her more frequent absences from The View in the previous week or so, people are wondering what is up.

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After a quick trip to see Pope Francis in Rome, Italy, Whoopi accepted an award at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars Gala.

It was there that she answered questions about her retirement plans. The 67-year-old comedian turned moderator already has her Fridays written off in her contract with The View.

Whoopi already has a retirement mindset. “I’ve done nothing but retire. I’ve been retired my whole career, so I kind of like that, yeah,” she told a reporter at the event.

Ana Navarro has a quick comeback after she is asked who will retire first, Joy or Whoopi

Ana attended the fashion event to support her friend and work colleague Whoopi as she accepted a fashion award.

There, a reporter for The Sun asked her who she thought would retire first, Whoopi or Joy Behar. Ana had to think quickly as she was put on the spot.

“Oh hell…I think both of them are going to outlive me!” she answered diplomatically.

“Well, I’m going to be there for at least a couple more years,” Ana told The U.S. Sun. She continued, “We’re very happy. We are getting great ratings. It’s number one, and growing in viewership, so it’s been a great season so far.”

This is good news for her sophomore season on The View. She joined the show with Alyssa Farah Griffin last year, and the viewers love both.

Whoopi won the American Icon Award

Whoopi didn’t say anything to the ladies at The View about her award. She was embarrassed during the segment when Sara Haines brought it up to the group.

Whoopi Receives American Icon Award at FGI 'Night of Stars' Event | The View

With Whoopi being as busy as she has been lately, it is normal for people to ask if she is ready to retire as moderator of The View.

From awards to trips and even a new movie, Sister Act 3, in the works, Whoopi has been pulled in many directions. Joy Behar has to step up when she isn’t at the show.

This has also caused problems because Joy is only sometimes happy to be on the show. The ladies celebrated Joy’s birthday recently, and she was having none of it that day.

Fans of the show hope they all get their acts together and settle down.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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