Zachary Freeman says he’s found the ‘love of my life’ after MAFS fail

MAFS star Zachary Freeman screenshot image
Zachary Freeman debuts new girlfriend on social media. Pic credit: Lifetime

Zachary “Zack” Freeman didn’t seem to realize what he was getting himself into when he signed up for Married at First Sight, and let’s just say the 8-week experiment was a total fail.

Zack was paired with Michaela Clark, known as Hurricane K to her friends, and it didn’t take long before we found out why.

Her explosive outburst garnered lots of criticism from viewers during the first few episodes as people sided with Zack.

However, that didn’t last long, as he also got some heat for sending mixed messages to his wife, and at the reunion, he refused to even face her.

After his marriage to Michaela crashed and burned, Zack surprisingly attempted a romance with his castmate Bao Huong Hoang.

Bao and Zack seemed like a better fit, but that ended in a messy split after a woman came forward and accused Zack of having a sexual relationship with her while still with Bao.

We haven’t seen the best of Zack over the years, but he took some time to work on himself, and now he’s in a new relationship.

Zack Freeman goes Instagram official with his girlfriend after MAFS fail

Zack has found the love of his life in his new girlfriend, Chante, and he showed her off to the world in a slew of images on Instagram.

The first snap showed a smiling Chante as Zack planted a kiss on her cheek, and the other photos featured the couple at different events over the past few months.

“July – December 2023 starring the love of my life,” Zack captioned the post.

Zack took a break from social media after MAFS backlash

Zack doesn’t post on social media very often, and he took a break from Instagram after having a hard time with the ongoing backlash from the show.

At one point, Zack admitted that he was seriously struggling, and after sharing a photo with his family dog in November 2021, he didn’t appear on the platform again until March 2022.

The Season 13 star was seemingly in a better place by then, and the photo he chose to mark his Instagram return spoke volumes.

The snap showed Zack leaning against a wall with the background blurred, keeping the focus on his happy demeanor.

“Smile 😁,” he captioned the post.

Since 2023, Zack has only shared two Instagram posts.

In June, he shared a roundup of his life since January with the first photo being a screenshot message from his dad.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of you 1) for doing you 2) understanding the importance of self-love…I am so happy for you” his dad wrote.

The other photos in the slide, include photos of his parent, his brothers, his dog, and a few snippets of his life in a nutshell.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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