MAFS: Zach Freeman admits he has an issue with communication, calls it his ‘biggest weakness’

Former MAFS husband Zach Freeman admits his communication wasn’t great this season. Pic credit: Lifetime

Hurricane K periodically rocked the relationship of Zach Freeman and Michaela Clark on Married at First Sight but it wasn’t a one-way street.

Refusing to appear on stage with each other at the reunion, it’s clear somewhere during the experiment this match went sour.

While Zach declined to face Michaela head-on, host Kevin Frazier made sure to question the finance professional on his tendency to send his wife mixed messages.

Calling him out for saying “I want a divorce, but this could work” instead of ending the relationship cold turkey, it was clear Zach still didn’t understand the severity of his words.

The Season 13 husband is now speaking out on his turbulent bond with Michaela and acknowledges that communication is one of his biggest weaknesses.

Zach Freeman calls communication his ‘biggest weakness’

With the last episode of the season airing, the cast has taken their social media off private and airing out their sides of the story.

Zach, complete with receipts, was ready for all the questions from MAFS fans. Receiving over 3,500 questions, it’s clear viewers had topics they wanted to raise regarding his relationship with Michaela.

One viewer asked, “Do you think you have an issue communicating or articulating?”

“100%. Probably my biggest weakness and insecurity in life,” the 27-year-old replied. “My brain moves too fast sometimes. This is something I’m working on.”

Pic credit: @zacharydfreeman/Instagram

Zach and Michaela have different stories regarding what happened after Decision Day

While early in the season Zach and Michaela’s involvement looked promising, after only a few episodes the cracks started to show.

By Decision Day, their relationship was toxic but that’s not where the story of Michaela and Zach ended.

Despite choosing to divorce, it was revealed Michaela stayed in Zach’s home over a week after Decision Day.

While the circumstances on what prompted Michaela to stay over at Zach’s differ between the two, they can agree that they were intimate during that time.

After an attraction between Zach and fellow Season 13 alum Bao Houng Haung was revealed on the Where Are They Now special, Michaela recently threw some subtle shade toward her now ex-husband.

Posting a photo with MAFS Houston husband, Gil Cuero, she wrote in the caption, “Some of us have too much respect for the process & the work the experts put in to try and date someone within this very unique little MAFS universe.”

Do you think Michaela is shading Bao and Zach’s relationship? Let us know in the comments.  

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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