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Young Bae from Black Ink Crew’s baby: See the adorable pics

Young Bae on Black Ink Crew
Young Bae is a mom now and often posts photos of her new baby for Black Ink Crew fans. Pic credit: VH1

Last season on Black Ink Crew, Young Bae revealed that she was pregnant for the first time.

She gave birth to a little boy in May. He was born five weeks early,  as revealed on the show’s Season 7 premiere, and was incredibly cute. Ever since, Bae has been proudly sharing pictures of her boy on social media and we just can’t get enough.

Young Bae announced the arrival of her baby boy named Nikko Blue on Instagram, telling fans that his early arrival surprised her and fiance Rob.

Ever since Nikko’s arrival, Bae has been in love like never before. She even posted a picture of herself pushing a high-end stroller and proclaimed that she’s never been so happy in her life.

View this post on Instagram

I’ve never been so happy in my life! My son has been the greatest blessing 👶🏽❤️ but I look at myself in the mirror sometime and go GOD DAMN I look crazy!! 😂😂😂 Ok so I’ve been looking at all these SnapBack pictures of new moms who just had their baby.. so other women’s body just snapback in a week after having their baby.. and look at me right here after two weeks…. still waiting for this swelling to go down at least… 😩😂 what SnapBack? When does this swelling go down? Lol I wish I can post a picture of my banging body but you know what? This is me 😩😂😂 my uterus is still out there like I’m 5 month prego.. my face swollen af.. my bottoms look like I just got some buttshot… I already know I have to spend months in the gym to get my body back. And im not even sure when I can go back to the gym after having a c section? Plus there’s so much to learn as a new mom..🤔 who can relate to this? Why does every new moms on IG SnapBack in a week like they weren’t pregnant a week ago?????? #postbabybody #notsohot #snapbackisntreal #blackinkcrew #vh1 #notfair

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Bae was quick to show off little Nikko’s serious face. Even that is cute as can be!

On Father’s Day, Young Bae shared another shot of Nikko right after he was born. This time, she posted a photo of her baby with his daddy and her fiance, Rob.

Bae paid tribute to her man and thanked him for helping to heal her broken heart. Then, the Black Ink Crew artist admitted that she never thought she’d trust anyone enough to have a baby with them.

Soon after, Bae got back to posting more baby pictures and it’s clear that Nikko is growing up fast. Check out this perfectly color-coordinated post.

On the Fourth of July, Bae was back with another adorable baby photo. This time, Nikko was wearing a red, white, and blue onesie while laying on his play mat.

After that celebratory post, it was more than a month before we saw baby Nikko again. When Bae did share a new photo of her baby boy, he had definitely grown a bit!

Not long after, she followed up with a family photo. While not a professional family photograph, this snap of Bae, Rob, and baby Nikko is perfect.

With less than two weeks until the Black Ink Crew Season 7 premiere, Young Bae shared one more photo of her son. Sitting in his carseat, Nikko Blue is getting chubbier and even cuter as he grows.

At least some Black Ink Crew fans are hoping that Young Bae shows off her baby boy on the upcoming season. He sure is cute and she’s taken to motherhood like a pro. Congrats on that baby boy, Bae!

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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