Woody Randall and Vincent Morales sip drinks in side-by-side video

Woody Randall
Woody Randall and Vincent Morales are new fathers. Pic credit: @mrabove/Instagram

Woody Randall and Vincent Morales were dapper as they sipped drinks and wore suits in a side-by-side video. 

Vincent and Woody are some of the most beloved husbands within the MAFS franchise, and fans loved seeing their duetted video. 

Woody appeared on Married at First Sight Season 11 in New Orleans, where he was matched with Amani Aliyya. 

Vincent debuted on Married at First Sight Season 12 in Atlanta and was matched with Briana Myles. 

Woody and Vincent were a part of the fan-favorite couple of their season, and both men are still happily married to their MAFS wives and expanding their families with children. 

In their recent video, Woody and Vincent’s wives weren’t present, as the video centered around Woody’s textured curls. 

Vincent Morales duets Woody Randall’s suave video 

Vincent Morales took to Instagram to share his side-by-side video with Woody.

Woody initially shared a video of himself sipping a drink by a green plant in a light-colored plaid suit. 

Woody’s hair included a looser curl pattern, and he played popular audio over the video to address how he felt with his hair. 

Vincent imitated Woody’s actions in a since-deleted video of his own.

He wore a black suit and held a glass of wine while looking at the camera and quoting the audio in Woody’s video in his caption.

The teasing was all in good fun as Vincent suggested he and Woody had a brotherly bond with #brothers in the caption as well.  

Woody Randall and Vincent Morales
Pic credit: @mrabove/Instagram

Woody reacted to the post in the comment section. He left several laughing emojis and wrote, “I’m joked.” 

Vincent replied, “Bruh I had to.” 

Other comments included, “Man this so funny y’all crazy,” and “Lmaooooo man the way I hollered.” 

One fan declared Woody and Vincent their favorites, writing, “My 2 favorites gone mafs husbands missing Jeffie.” 

Woody Randall's comment section
Pic credit: @vincentjmorales/Instagram

Vincent Morales and Briana Myles reveal they’re having a baby girl 

Woody and Amani have been loving raising their precious baby boy Reign Randall, and Vincent and Briana will soon join the MAFS parents club. 

Briana and Vincent announced their pregnancy in July and revealed they’d be having a baby girl in August. 

They made the announcement with photos and video releasing pink powder and confetti in the air. 

The MAFS family is thrilled for Briana and Vincent and can’t wait to meet their sweet bundle of joy. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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