Woody Randall and son Reign wear matching durags in adorable photo

Woody Randall
Woody and Amani Randall continue to shower their son Reign with love and photoshoots. Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Woody and Amani Randall became fan favorites on Married at First Sight Season 11, and fans have continued to keep up with their life post-show. 

Woody and Amani Randall have been treating their fans to several precious photoshoots with their son Reign as they navigate being parents of a newborn. 

In a recent shoot, Woody and Reign matched in father-and-son durags. 

Both Woody and Amani shared the photos, and fans loved seeing Woody and Reign in matching attire. 

Amani and Woody enjoy dressing Reign up, as Amani also shared sweet pics of Reign in suspenders and glasses. 

In the photos with their matching attire, Woody shared a message on fatherhood to go along with the pics. 

Woody and Reign Randall pose in white 

Woody took to Instagram and shared two photos of himself and his baby.

The first photo saw Woody holding Reign and planting a kiss on his head with a white tee and a white backdrop.

The second photo was taken in a room as Woody again held and kissed Reign’s head with the two both in white. 

Woody wore a blue durag on his head, and Reign had a tiny black durag on his head as he was bundled in cozy white attire. 

Woody captioned the post, “Fathers should know that sons follow their example, not advice. I’m leading the way and I’m bring my son with me. P.s y’all peep the baby durag?”

MAFS cast, fans react to photo of Woody and Reign

Amani also reacted to the photo on her Instagram Stories and shared that she and Woody got a kick out of Reign’s durag.

Amani wrote with laughing emojis, “Y’all, we was cracking up at Reign in this durag.” 

Amani Randall's Instagram story
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani also reacted to Woody’s post in his comment section, telling her husband, “You’re doing a great job.” 

Married at First Sight Season 13 star Ryan Ignasiak also left a comment as he playfully asked, “@bufootball recruiting him yet?” 

Woody replied, “not yet. Track has tho.” 

Woody Randall's comment section
Pic credit: @mrabove/Instagram

Other comments had enthusiastic responses, with one fan writing, “I can’t!!!! Love your family so much, have been a fan since #mafs.” 

A commenter declared Reign Woody’s mini-me, and another wrote, “I can already see how much fatherhood is healing your heart. Being the dad to Reign that you didn’t get. This is so beautiful Woody.”

Woody Randall's comment section
Pic credit: @mrabove/Instagram

Another commenter enjoyed the durag pic and commented, “Aww it’s the baby’s durag for me! Love it!” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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