Will Urena commends Michelle Young after his elimination — praises strong women after bashing ‘alpha females’

Will Urena smiles
Will Urena has some thoughtful words about Michelle Young and strong women. Pic credit: ABC

Will Urena found himself wrapped up in drama both within and outside of The Bachelorette Season 18. 

After having conflict with pizza man Peter Izzo and also having his misogynistic past tweets resurface, Will’s time in The Bachelorette spotlight has come to an end as Michelle Young opted to send him home on the latest episode. 

Will took to social media to share a heartfelt and lengthy post about his adoration for Michelle and he also took time to address strong women and their importance after his previous insensitive tweets that put women down. 

Will Urena gushes over Michelle Young’s ‘radiant’ spirit 

In Will’s post, he shared photos from his time with Michelle on The Bachelorette Season 18 and acknowledged that, while he didn’t find love on the show, he found a revelation that the journey of love breaks you down to build you back up. 

Will credited his time with Michelle as being what allowed him to bring down walls that he had put up for years. 

Will proceeded to praise Michelle’s abundance of virtuous traits and share that “her energy definitely hit different.”

Some of Michelle’s qualities that Will pinpointed in his caption included her “radiance,” “calming and grounding energy,” and her ability to “strengthen and uplift.” 

Will admitted that he was struggling at times on the show and Michelle really listened to him. It seems Will’s one wish is that he would have told Michelle how much he appreciated her and the way she made him feel like the only one in the room. 

Interestingly, Will commended Michelle for being a “strong and communicative woman who knows her worth and demands the full amount.” 

Will’s comments stand out because, as Monsters & Critics previously reported, Will’s old tweets were quite condescending of strong women and women in general. 

Will changes his tune about strong women 

In the past, Will Urena had some controversial social media activity that resurfaced and led to criticism from Bachelor Nation. 

Will’s tweets included suggesting no alpha male would ever be attracted to an alpha woman, claiming “toxic masculinity” was a term coined by damaged and insecure women who didn’t have strong fathers, and saying men would rather be with women from different countries since American women and their “feminine bs” and “thot” behavior make it hard for men to take them seriously. 

These offensive tweets made it shocking that Will would even be allowed on the show after exhibiting such misogynistic views. 

Now, Will is expressing a different perspective on strong women and he addressed it in his caption. 

Will wrote, “Strong women out there… keep demanding the respect you deserve. You are admirable to watch, and I hope you found comfort in Michelle’s presence this season and realize you are not too much—sometimes us men just aren’t enough for you and that’s okay. If you needed a sign… this is it.”

Will concluded his caption by expressing that this season has been a lesson for him and he’s still hopeful about finding a lasting love of his own.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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