Will Amber Portwood’s arrest result in her being fired from Teen Mom OG?

Amber Portwood
Could Amber Portwood be fired after arrest? Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood was arrested last Friday morning after allegedly attacking her boyfriend Andrew Glennon while he was holding their son James. As the days went on, more details surfaced about the alleged attack, including that she may have used a machete to get through a door to where Andrew was hiding out with their son.

Neither party has issued a statement about the situation, but it sounds like Teen Mom OG fans have plenty to say about it. On Instagram, fans are now leaving their comments on Portwood’s posts from just a few days ago. Here, some people are asking MTV to consider firing Amber over the arrest and the attack on Andrew.

The comments are showing up on an older post, where Amber tells her followers that negativity about her family and herself will not be tolerated.

“MTV should end their relationship with Amber Portwood because she is a repeat offender and domestic violence shouldn’t be tolerated,” one person wrote, while another added, “I hope MTV does fire her. There is no way that should be acceptable. Maybe it’s just time to end the show. Not too many of them can grow up.”

MTV has cut ties with two other Teen Mom stars, as they fired Farrah Abraham as she chose to continue her work in the adult entertainment industry. Jenelle was recently fired from Teen Mom 2 because her husband David Eason shot and killed the family dog.

“I was rooting for you. You had so much to lose. Beyond disappointed in your choices. You’re proving that Gary wasn’t the issue. It was you all along. Your kids deserve better,” one person harshly wrote, pointing out that Amber should have made better choices. On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber admitted that she hadn’t been taking her medicine as prescribed by her doctor.

At the present time, Amber is being asked to avoid contacting Andrew and James. In addition, he has filed for full custody of James. MTV has not made a decision or comment about whether they will continue filming Amber’s story for the show.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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